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5 Essentials To Buy Before Moving Out Of Home

Congratulations on making it one-step closer to being a fully-fledged adult. You’ve taken the plunge and found yourself a new place. Out of the bird’s nest and head first into adulthood. Sit tight, because we’ve narrowed down the five things you need to consider before you can truly call your new house a home.

#1 Beautiful Bedding

If your new place is quite small (and chances are, it is), your bed is about to become your everything. What used to be just a comfy place to sleep will quickly also become your longue, your desk, and even your horizontal wardrobe. Invest in some beautiful bedding to lush up your life. A vibrant quilt cover is the perfect way to add some colour to a room, especially when you are not allowed to paint the walls. Stocking up on multiple sets of bed sheets will minimise arduous laundry and trust us, you won’t be able to choose just one style when stores like Kmart and Target have surprisingly affordable (but still luxe) options.

#2 Kitchen Appliances

Hopefully your new place comes already equipped with a fridge and oven, but it’ll more than likely be up to you to get yourself a good kettle and microwave. Moving out is a wildly expensive thing to do, so never underestimate the multitude of cheap food options that a microwave and kettle provide. These may seem like a big investment, but you can easily find ones you can afford and that also won’t explode after their first use. Cutlery and kitchenware are also a huge must. That vegemite on toast will look far more appetizing on a black ceramic plate. We all know that one friend who has drunk wine out of a mug. Don’t do that. Get yourself a little bit of everything.

#3 Decoration and Décor

In the grand scheme of things, this is not exactly number one on your list of priorities. But, for your mood and mental health, personalised décor is undeniably important. If you’re renting, you won’t be allowed to paint or nail anything into the walls but there are a thousand and one other ways to bring your own tastes into your space. Simple art prints, strings of fake flowers, vintage posters and even patterned tapestries are a great way to-go. Keep things minimal with candles and desk accents, or add some warmth with cosy fairy lights and stacks of books. You’ll be amazed by how much one little plant or succulent can change the place.

#4 Photos And Home Comforts

Similar to decorations, bringing photos and home comforts into your new space will really help you feel at home. Get creative by assembling a collection of your favourite photos into some sort of display piece. You can get a whole stack printed at Officeworks for less than you’d spend on a week’s coffee. Ask mum if you can keep that vase you’ve always liked, for sentiment’s sake. Then buy her a new one to replace it – the things you buy before moving out don’t always have to be for you.

#5 The Nitty Gritty

In and amongst that ‘essential’ plush blanket and ‘life-changing’ wall hanging, there are some other actual necessities you’re going to need to account for. The kind of stuff you’d never normally think of – dishwashing liquid, medication, toilet paper, and scrubbing brushes. But you are really going to feel it when you’re left without them. Keep a shopping list in your phone and update it regularly to keep on top of everything. Buying in bulk will save your future self some anguish. It is going to shock you how quickly one person can burn through a roll of toilet paper.

Moving into a new place is without a doubt a challenging and costly experience. But if you keep a wise head on your shoulders and a fluffy pillow on your bed, you are going to be a-okay.

Image Sources: Pottery Barn, Williams Sonoma, Arti Shah Artistudio, Tony Scott, Unsplash, Pexels.

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