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5 Healthy And Portable Snacks To Boost Your Brain

It’s a notorious time in workplaces and universities across the country, snack time. You well and truly know the hour. Your lunch settled almost two hours ago, the computer screen seems to be sucking the moisture out of your eyes, and the thought of having another coffee has already sent your heart into over drive. You think to yourself, ‘Hmm, maybe I can snack on some chocolate or lollies…’ – kick yourself in a sugar overdrive – but at the end of the day you know that’s gonna leave you feeling gross, sluggish and guilty. Rather than letting your body crash and burn, fuel it with food that is going to give you the boost you need.

#1 Trail Mix

Possibly one of the easiest snacks around, trail mix is bound to get you through your afternoon slump. You can easily prepare this at home by tossing together some mixed nuts and dried fruit (maybe a few pieces of dark chocolate if you can’t go without). Check out a great recipe from The Healthy Chef if you need some inspo. Rev up the nutrients from your fruit component and get in those heart healthy fats through the nuts. It’s bound to leave your tummy feeling satisfied and your brain feeling a little extra sharp. Disclosure: don’t over consume, it’s designed to be eaten in small portions, so don’t eat more than a handful.

#2 Veggies and Hummus

One of the easiest go to snacks around, veggies and hummus are things that are lying around in most people’s fridges. The benefits of hummus are endless, packed with protein and fibre, plus chickpeas are packed with iron, folate and B vitamins. You can pick up hummus a any supermarket around town, but if you’re keen to make your own, Bondi Harvest has a great recipe to check out. Team this up with carrot, celery, capsicum or even some sweet crisp apple and you have an award winning snack that is bound to keep the mind and body going until dinner.

#3 Coconut Butter Stuffed Dates

If you want to invest a little time and creativity into making your weekly snacks, well here is the perfect recipe for you. Dates are great because they are rich in carboyhydrates, so they give the body a quick, healthy energy source. Their sweetness also makes them incredibly irressitable. Cut them in half, remove the pip and team them up with some coconut butter (you can pick this up at the supermarket or health food store), and you’re left with the perfect treat. You can also replace the coconut butter for the peanut or almond variety.

#4 Edamame

You might be familiar with these green coloured beans when you hit up your favourite sushi spot, but did you know that edamame packs some real energy boosting benefits. If you’re in need of an afternoon delight you can either pop down to your nearest sushi takeaway and pick up a small container, otherwise get amongst the dry-roasted varieties. Filled with protein, magnesium and iron they are the perfect nutricous snakc.

#5 Sweet Potato Smoothie

Forget the ‘energising’ sips of coffee, diet coke and red bull. Whipping up a smoothie is a quick and easy eay to give yourself a jolt without hitting the caffeine. If your work doesn’t have a blender lying around (good on you if your workplace does) then make this in advance at home and store in the fridge on arrival. Popsugar has a great recipe you must try, even incorporating some tofu into the recipe (you may be skeptical, but it really works). You can obviously mix and match the recipe as you wish, but all you need to know is that sweet potato is giving you the afternoon brain boost that you crave.

Image Source: Advanced Wellness Centre, Simply Recipes, The Primalist, Lori Harder, Popsugar, Unsplash.

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