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5 Laneways That Will Inspire You To Visit Adelaide

When you think laneways you instantly cast your mind to the colourful walls of Melbourne’s hidden side streets, right? Well think again because Adelaide is the place to be when it comes to emerging street art and visually spectacular laneways.

The city has become a hub for local street artists to come and showcase their art, adding a whole new dimension to the cityscape. And even better, if you are an Adelaide local or even visiting the South Australian capital for a weekend, there are plenty of photo opps. So follow this guide to the five best laneways you’ll definitely want to throw on your Insta. #nofilter

#1 Leigh Street

It’s a cold winter’s day, the sky is a little grey, and maybe you need some colour in your life. Well no need to fear because Leigh Street has got you sorted. With an abundance of epic murals, plus heaps of cute little cafes to keep your bellies full and warm, Leigh St feels like home. Make sure you keep your eyes open, cause there are a few hidden street art gems you won’t want to miss. To be honest, harder to miss the artwork – so no excuses.

#2 Twin Street

Close to Rundle Mall this is a little laneway full of surprises. If you’re ready to get away from the crowds and take a little me time for some culture and art, this is your spot. The murals are grand and captivating, and across from the bookstore there is one that will absolutely take your breath away (see above.) Prep your angles, and be ready to get super candid. With a few boutiques tucked away here too, it’s worth spending some time and not rushing.

#3 Sym Choon Lane

This laneway is in the centre for great nightlife, pubs, cafes and shops, so you’ll never run out of things to do. With art overrunning the street, open shop fronts with emerging designers and even some cool light installations to top it all off. Look it’s basically Instagram heaven down this lane, and be sure to capture the spectacular mural of a women’s face, very 1920’s, film noir.

#4 Gresham Street

Gresham St is in the process of being turned into a little international haven. It’s full of gorgeous European-esque storefronts and some incredible street art. There is a killer good little wall mural channeling Latin vibes, so if Despacito hasn’t already got your inner Spanish feels going, this laneway will. Be sure to head in La Buvette from some refreshments, craft beer for days.

#5 Rosina Street

Rosina Street is channeling some vintage feels, with some older style terraces, paired with some more modern style buildings. If you look closely, you’ll find a piece of street art that will blow your mind, so get your camera ready. Maybe not the biggest entertainment hub, but still worth a visit.

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