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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Excited For The New Guitar Hero

Ah, Guitar Hero – the party starter during the early to mid 2000’s. It almost seems silly, the idea of a heavily large-controller-focused game coming to next gen consoles. But with rival Harmonix announcing Rock Band 4 will be returning to the market very soon, Guitar Hero has fired back with rumours official details will be released in early April.

So that got the late teen nostalgia pumping and I’ve been doing some thinking about what features on the new Guitar Hero would make it even more brilliant – including rumours from around the interwebs.

Shredding in iconic venues

guitarhero fest

From all your favourite festivals – Glastonbury to Coachella – as well as the Madison Square Gardens and Brixton Academy’s of the world, how epic would it be in today’s ridiculously killer graphics to slay a killer riff in these places? Rumours are rye.

Learning while playing

We’ve all been told about how video games barely ever teach us anything. But what if you could finally pick up how to play real instruments? At least the basics, granted.

Brand new, sweet hardware


Let’s be honest. The only instruments we’re okay but they’ve had their time. Often flimsy and with a bit of a cheap feel to them, a brand new set of up-to-date, epic hardware would be a requirement.

Easy song creation, recording and sharing


These days, we’re all about virality and sharing our always amazing feats with our friends and family. From cat videos to selfies and foodstagrams, we love it. And nothing would be sweeter than having the ability to share songs you have created in the game directly with all your thousands and thousands of followers (they’ll thank you for it later dw.)

Online Online Online

Simply put, online could be something special. With the capabilities currently available with online gameplay across next gen consoles, the oyster is out. Imagine playing with wireless instruments in a band with a British drummer, South African bassist, Japanese lead guitarist and Australian vocalist. With all types of other sexy features.

Whatever happens, this could be one of the greatest things to ever happen to gaming. Fingers, toes and everything else crossed.

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