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5 Simple Life Skills You Need To Master In Your 20s

You’ve completed a uni degree, you have left the nest and you’re finally out on your own in the big wide world. Only to realise you have not a single clue on how to properly wash your clothes. There’s not turning back now, and the thought of calling mum for help makes you feel a little embarrassed. Well lucky for you, we have compiled a little list of skills that is a must for mastering in your 20s. So whether you’re set to lead a life of independence in the next years, or you’re already living one, you’ve got the skills to do so.

#1 Learn To Take Criticism

Your 20s a formative time when you are coming into your own, learning to become more certain about yourself as a person and your qualities. And as your character becomes set in stone, you will realise that not everyone is going to appreciate all your qualities, and your more temperamental side may be under scrutiny. Know that you aren’t perfect and learn to take criticism. Guaranteed the more your embrace it the more you will learn and a better person you may become.

#2 Learn To Cook

Your go is a toasted cheese sandwich, if not it’s ordering cheap Thai takeout every second night. If cooking ain’t really your thing, and you’re not overly keen on learning how to do it, there are plenty of cheat ways around it. Try pimping up some two-minute noodles. Grab some premade sauces and cut up some fresh veg and sauté in a pan. One pot wonders are also a great go to, just chop and put everything into a pot and in 20 mins you’ll have a delish soup. Trust us, you can do it (plus it will save you heaps of cash).

#3 Master The Washing Machine

I don’t know anyone that likes to wash. Its boring and sorting whites from colours seems pointless until your whites come out pink. Washing can be made so easy. All you need to know is divide your whites, from your darks from your colours. Always cold wash (saves energy) and fabric softener is a nice bonus. You’ll have clothes looking and smelling likes mum’s in no time.

#4 Budget, Budget, Budget

Often we think we know how to budget, until we are out paying rent and spending way to much on gourmet dinners and you’re left with nothing to pay the bills with. Setting a weekly budget is such an important skill to learn in your 20s as it’s going to determine your saving habits for the future. Allocate costs to each element in your life; make a chart if you need to. You’ll slowly learn the things that require high and low spending.

#5 How To Be Resilient

The older you get, the more curveballs that will get thrown your way. You’ll go through breakups, you’ll face job rejections and you won’t have the successful rental application. One thing to learn through all the knock backs in your 20s is resilience. Pick yourself up and keep pursuing you loves, your passions and your dreams. As the cliché says this quality is what separates ‘the boys from the men’.

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