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5 Stunning Camp Spots In Queensland To Pitch A Tent

Queensland has no shortage of beautiful places to pitch your tent. There is over 7,000km of coastline, an abundance of sandy islands and beautiful inland rainforests to choose from.  However, some camping spots are superior to others and these are just 5 of those prime picks. Pack the car, gather your mates and set off on a weekend to remember.

#1 Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge caters to all levels of camping expertise. During the holiday seasons adventurers can camp at the visitor area inside the park which is well hidden from the sun under a canopy of gum trees. All year round though, trippers can camp at the harder to reach, but more impressive Big Bend camping ground. Big Bend is a 19km return walk so perfect for small groups that come to the gorge for hiking, but not so good if your idea of camping is sitting around boozing and playing cards

#2 Fraser Island

No QLD camping list would be complete without the inclusion of Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island. The island has plenty of camping spots, but for sheer beauty it would have to be Waddy Point that wins best spot. It is a bit further away than the other sites but has proper amenities and it’s placed right on the beach. Nothing like hearing crashing waves and being able to step out of your tent straight onto the squeaky sand of the beach.

#3 Babinda Boulders Camping Area

The best thing about Babinda Rocks is how suitable it is for a weekend trip. The camp ground has a max stay of 48 hours and only has five spots available. Making it a hot ticket for prospective explorers. So book it out with your mates and have a camp ground all to yourselves. The site itself has access to swimming holes that are filled by fresh mountain water, perfect for endless dips.

#4 Sundown National Park

Sundown National Park has multiple camping options to choose from, depending on what you want from your trip. If you have a 4WD then the best locations are the two waterholes, Burrows and Reedy, but there are options  if you only have access to a 2WD. There are plenty of bushwalks to do and swimming holes to soak in, so take yourself for a long weekend.

#5 Spicers Canopy, Scenic Rim

For the crews that want to get back to nature, but not too close to nature. And let’s face it, putting up a tent and bringing all your gear can be exhausting. Put the poles and pegs down. Sometimes glamping is the ideal solution and Spicers Canopy is one of the best. Not only is it Eco friendly but there is plenty to do and different glamping options depending on your taste. Campfire vibes without the hard work.

Image source: Lolan Down Under, Pelican 4X4 Hire, Tourism Queensland, Little Grey Box, Mad Monkey Travel.

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