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5 Talented Acts From Canberra You Need To Hear

With Canberrans now privy to a selection of fine festivals, from Spilt Milk to Groovin The Moo, it’s no surprise the musical talent is particularly stellar. Whether you prefer your jams with a little punk rock edge or want to groove to the delightful indie electro tunes, the ACT is awash with newcomers. Here’s our picks of the fresh crop and what a wonderful harvest it is.

#1 taka perry

If chilling had a ringtone it would be a taka perry tune. Sonically magic and blissfully relaxed, taking electro to a new area of refined quality. Delicate additions weaved throughout that compliment the vocals, not an easy task when working with such a range. From soaring heights to whispered utterances, taka perry matches it with careful execution. Majestic Casual fans listen up.

#2 PaintonPaint

Harmonic magic, using the most underrated instrument of all time (the triangle of course), to twinkle the soundtrack to your dreams. Light patter of the piano, the careful pitter of rhythm, it feels charismatic.  This Canberran duo have a knack for layering without cluttering the overall sound and for that we’re all too thankful. Lovers of Josh Pyke will rejoice at these two taking it up a to an even dreamier level. Lush.

#3 Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers

A girl band without a Spice Girl cliche in sight, Teen Jesus And The Jean Teasers deliver tunes with a 90’s grunge audiology. Coming through Triple J Unearthed High with a roster of A+ grades, thanks to their unique sound and infectious irreverence. With mastery of the guitar beyond their years, every riff twinkles in with ease, meeting the vocals with open arms. Body rocking melodies and empowered choruses, it’s a good time all round.


Oozy vocals with an easy hip hop varnish. Think Ellie Goulding with more soul or Julia Stone with more of a beat. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about it that we like so much, but it envelopes you. A mystical charm.   From the get go, it’s a warm embrace of layered vocals and welcome percussion. Keep an eye on this Disclosure-esque masked dynamo, for a sound we very much like the direction of.

#5 Slow Turismo, catch them at The Polish Club, Canberra 10/3

A new incarnation of an older band, you may recall Slow Turismo from a few years past. But they’ve mixed it up and in the right direction, their new track was pulled together with the help of Reuben from Peking Duk and Ben from Safia, oh what a wonderful combination. Angelic backing and a familiar sounding lead on the vocal front makes for infectious tunes An indie rock outfit you’ll be drawn towards more and more with each listen.

Image source: taka perry, ŠŁĄČK.

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