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5 Thrifty Date Ideas Involving Your Car

Billy Ocean had some wise words back in the 80’s for all us modern day lovers ‘get out of my dreams and into my car’. That’s right, the car is making its long awaited return back into the dating scene. Now I’m not talking about trashy back seat hook up sessions or creepy late night car park drive ins, I’m talking real life romance. Perfect for the eternal cheap skate, we’ve rounded up some thrifty yet charming date ideas for you and your special someone. All you need is your ride – and a little creativity.

#1 Lay Down Your Tray For Love 

Grab a heap of blankets, a plush pile to lay your head on and your companion of choice. Perfect for all you ute and truck owners; never will your car look this sexy. Head out into the wilderness, think along the lines of a Blue Mountains look out. Settle into your secluded hang out spot and be prepared to laugh for hours, capturing some ‘Gramworthy moments along the way.

#2 Look At The Stars

Escape the concrete jungle and ride deep into the night, rewarded with a view up above worth talking about. Forget the blinding city lights, think bigger than a night out on the town; pack a picnic and embrace your possible stargazing sunroof. Your ladylove or crush will be spellbound for sure.

#3 Take The Long Way Home

If you’ve got a car, you’ve got a home. Heading off on a weekend away? Forget the exxy accommodation and don’t even worry about packing a tent. If you’ve got a seven seater 4WD in your garage, that’s all you’ll need. Think long spontaneous drives, cool camping grounds and a romance steered night.

#4 Double Date And Split The Cost

Let’s be real, cars are expensive, and if you’re planning a romantic getaway in the form of the road trip, well those petrol prices really can rake up. So why not turn the romantic getaway for two into four. Grab your fave Mr and Mrs and pack your vehicle for a dating adventure. If you’ve got the money to splurge and armchair fights aren’t your thing, you can always get them to take their car.

#5 Introduce Your Furry Friends

Forget meeting the parents, we all know your toughest critic if the unwavering ally that is your four legged friend. Why not venture on a doggo’s day out? Pack your playful pups, your date of choice and head off to a dog friendly location. They are sure bound to make the car travel more excitable and prove to be a good test for your potential suitor.

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