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5 Tips For Ditching Corporate Life For A Creative Career (feat. Ta-Ku)

Ever had that god-awful realisation that your corporate job, whilst potentially paying the bills, has got you feeling tied up, constantly busy and almost never actually happy? Join the club, friend.

It can be even worse if you’re someone who is naturally creative, because that pent up need to be productive, inspired and free is hard to bottle up. So is it possible to potentially ditch the suit/black dress and actually take up a full time creative career? It sure bloody is! We sat down with one of Australia’s damn finest creators, Ta-Ku to chat about how you can make that jump.

#1 Creative Yet Cautious

5Why: So Ta-Ku, you’re super creative but making that first, initial jump from a full time job is often the hardest part for people, any tips?

Ta-Ku: You’ve got to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered before you leave your full time job and jump into a creative career! We all got bills to pay and family to support. Sometimes a part/full time job can help support your goals and setup you up for your future creative endeavours.

#2 Network With Friends

5Why: Okay what about when it comes to networking and making connections?

Ta-Ku: Networking and collaborating with friends/people that you connect with is a great way to expand your work into different circles. The more people you can work with the better, to be honest. Making sure you keep all connections unforced & organic helps a lot!

#3 Practice Makes Perfect

5Why: You’ve spent years crafting your trade, from music to art and everything in between. What advice do you have when it comes to practice?

Ta-Ku: Even if it’s just 5 minutes per day – keep working at your craft and try to create something every single day -seriously. This helps you feel refreshed and accomplished in doing what you love. These little ideas you create could potentially lead to bigger ideas. Having an arsenal of these will ensure you are always sharp.

#4 You Work Speaks For Itself

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5Why: Those early days are often to turn a bit of battle when it comes to trying to turn your creative hustle into a pay cheque. Is it important to figure out how to do that early on?

Ta-Ku: Monetising a project is always nice – but this shouldn’t be what drives you to create. Make sure you stay passionate about what you are doing and stay true to yourself and your mission statement. Eventually your dedication to this mindset and maintaining consistency in what you do will see an eventual slide to it being of financial gain.

#5 Good Things Take Time

5Why: In terms of time and how long people can expect to see a side project get some success, what are some realistic expectations here?

Ta-Ku: Everybody wants things in a hurry and everyone wants to be an overnight success. The truth is though – it takes a lot of hard work and time to get where you want to be. Don’t be jaded if it doesn’t happen straight away. See it as an opportunity to get better and better each day and put more emphasis on progression rather than fame or numbers.

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