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5 YouTube Musicians To Add To Your Playlists

Are your Spotify faves starting to sound a little old? You’re in luck. Today we’re talking good sounds from good people, all of whom have started and continue to grow their music careers on YouTube.

To keep this list from being hundreds of artists long, the musicians on here will all be people that we believe deserve to see way more success than what they have on the platform so far.

So pop in your headphones and get ready for some sick tunes.

Orla Gartland

Not only a talented guitarist, Gartland has serious vocal skill. Debuting her channel back in 2009 with a cover of Hey Ya by Outkast, Gartland has come a long way to establish a loyal fan base of 135K subscribers on YouTube.

 Some of our favourite covers from Gartland include: The Sound/Somebody Else Mashup and Torn, but some of her best work lies in the creation of her original music.

Stranger is definitely an original track worth having a listen to as is pretty much everything the talented songstress creates.

In Love With A Ghost

A Lo-Fi pianist with quirky tracks of varying lengths is what you can expect from In Love With A Ghost. With 333K YouTube subscribers after only two years of consistent uploads, the musician’s talent speaks for itself.

If you’re looking for an album to listen to while studying or just winding down, all the latest Lo-Fi sounds come together in gay story; a collection of tunes released last month.

Do yourself a favour and add these songs to your playlist if you’re stressed, or honestly if you just want to grace your eardrums with pure bliss.

Izzie Naylor

This twenty-two year old singer-songwriter has been putting out content on YouTube since 2010 and has developed significantly as an artist from her initial beginning on the platform.

Her folk sound and intricate video stylings are what have grown her a humble fanbase of 16K subscribers. 

Covers to look out for on her channel include Style, Girls and Hard Times. Get onto her music.

Conan Gray

This superstar has been creating YouTube content for five years, but only began creating covers and sharing original music in 2015.

After releasing the wildly successful Idle Town, Gray has grown his fanbase to over 750K subscribers.

He continues to develop his music online with follow up singles like; The Other Side and Lovesick boys. Not only are his videos beautiful to listen to, but the added aesthetic value from his film-making skills makes his music absolutely captivating to consume as an entire package.


This gal can do covers and boy can she do them well. Accumulating 524K subscribers since her channel’s debut in 2010, you can expect nothing but consistently well-crafted covers on her channel including music in languages other than English. 

Covers to look out from Ysabelle include That’s What I Like and Too Good At Goodbyes and will leave you feeling completely and utterly blown away.

If you’ve gotten this far and you’re hungry for even more music in the same vein, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to share our love for some other more well-known artists dominating the platform. These artists being; dodie, Troye Sivan, thepophefakes and Emma Blackery.

So there you have it, musicians born on the YouTube platform that’ll make you go ‘where have you been my entire life?’

Let us know which musicians and songs you liked the most, but first hit up these tight jams!

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