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All The Ridiculous Banter You’ll Hear During Origin

Well folks, it’s that time of year again and doesn’t it feel so sweet to be back here? Yep, the start of Winter means the new season of State Of Origin is about the commence. It’s safe to say we’re frothing at the mouth to see who’ll claim the big, shiny cup this year. With the state rivalry, also comes the abundance of banter we’re bound to hear.

“Oi, where’s Daryl Braithwaite with this anthem though?”

Daryl should be added to our national emblems. Maybe he could be perched upon our emu, or riding the kangaroo like a badass. Whoever the Origin gets to sing our national anthem is usually of high quality.. but there is no equivalent for our favourite rocker.

“We’ll be livin like kings tonight aye, that converted try just won me fifty bucks.. Drinks on me, bois!!”

Ah, the gambling. So counterproductive on so many levels.. until you win that one time, and believe all of it was completely worth it. The winnings are also never spent on anything that will better our quality of life, either. Let’s face it, you’re immersed in the atmosphere and half way to blotto, so naturally pub food and bevvies are the go-to. And no, you don’t have enough winnings to buy your crew a couple rounds of shots. But yes, you’ll do it anyway.

“Slater’s out? Well F*$& we’ve actually got a chance now”

As a Queenslander living as a foreigner in the Southern land, this is legitimate banter that’s been discussed and it’s hilarious. For the first time in years there’s a glint of hope in the eyes of fellow New South Welshman. It’s so pure, like watching children see the glow of Christmas lights for the first time.

“Better luck next time lads, haaahh ya dogs”

All types of names are thrown around when it comes to Origin.. or hell, football in general. Dogs, yobos, wankers, and every other possible curse word you remember your innocent mind being corrupted with. You’ll be sure to hear it during the game and definitely after someone loses.


We’re always drawn to make comparisons between the six foot something, beef-cake athletes, and ourselves.. Non-athletes who can’t walk up a flight of stairs without nearly being water-boarded by our own sweat. With this ridiculous banter also comes, “nah I could take em in a fight, for sure.” To which the usual response is, “come off it, asshat, as if you can.”

Image source: Bright/ Kauffman/ Crane and 20th Century Fox Television

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