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Alternatives To Stalking Your Ex On Social Media

It’s one thing to run into your ex-partner in a bar, when you’re looking like a frumpy muppet, but it’s another to bring that chaos upon yourself. Let’s face it, when it comes to having a stalk of an ex-lover, we’re all over those antics like bees on honey. We can’t really tell you why, it just makes us feel that much worse. It’s like its own twisted version of self-inflicted sadism that leaves us angry, sad and irate more often than not. So, rather than partaking in this counterproductive activity, here are some alternatives to help you say bye Felipe/ Felicia.

Go Out With Friends

No matter the gender, friends are a great distraction. Text or call them up and ask if they want to have a bit of fun. Mini-golfing, ice skating, beach day, movies, a night out, no matter what you do, it’s sure to put a smile on your face. Your mates may even go the extra mile, and smack you over the head when you reveal your temptation to enter into the world of stalkerdom. PSA though, if you’re planning on drinking, for the love of all that’s good, do not message your ex.

Tunes For Days

Listen to music. No, not the sappy stuff, you’re better than that. And the song that you and your ex deemed was ‘your song’? Delete it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. There are songs that you can listen to that promote being single and highlight how great it actually is. Blast them over the speakers or headphones and boogie around to it. At this point, Jason Derulo’s Riding Solo should be your go too.

Venture About

If you’re wanting to stalk your ex, it’s definitely recommended you do anything else, even if it’s something as simple as going for a walk. Not only will you expel energy and get your exercise, but it’s a natural relaxant and releases all the happy feels. So, venturing down the nature route is definitely a win-win for you. Make a whole trip of it and bring a picnic blanket, snacks, a book, then find a tree to sit your tooshy under. You’ll be zenned out by the time you’re done with your outing.

Watch A Horrid Flick

Watch the corniest, most horrid movie you can find. It sounds like torture, sure, but not as much torture as stalking your ex will bring you. The benefit of a bad movie, is that you get to take the complete piss out of it, laugh and stuff your face full of snacks that are bad for you. Adopt the methods of point one and have your friends over for a movie night.

Literally Do Anything Else

Honestly, heed this warning. There is no point opening any form of social media and typing in their name. Their face will annoy you, and their statuses, and everything else. We always seem to believe that we’ll find them moping and lost, but unfortunately you won’t find that to be the case. If they are moping, they definitely won’t be revealing that on social media. Bake cookies, draw, write, start getting your taxes in order. Anything would be more productive than giving into temptation.

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