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Best Feel Good Rom-Coms To Watch When Your Life’s In Shambles

Wherever you are on the emotional spectrum, rom-coms are always a great idea. Already in a good mood? Make yourself even happier and watch a rom-com. Going through a break up? Put on a rom-com. Even when your life is chaos and in complete shambles, there are movies that can make you forget the outside world for a while. You may even find yourself feeling better by the end of it.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Of course this is on the list, this isn’t amateur hour. The key to feeling better about whatever situation you’ve found yourself in is to observe someone more chaotic. Sounds like a horrible thing to do, but alas, you can’t ignore the fact that it works. Home-girl Bridget gets knocked down more times that you can count on two hands, but she gets back up and keeps plodding along like a champ.

Begin Again

If you want all the self-love feels then this movie is for you. The entire story focuses on a group of people getting back on their feet and finding their way together. You also get a tonne of cute music to listen too, as the entire movie is music related. It’s a win-win situation to be in, really.

Suddenly 30

Suddenly 30 (or 13 going on 30, as it’s known to some people) will help you remember that where you are now, won’t be your life forever. What makes this movie stellar is that it depicts what the majority of us go through. Our little teenage selves wanting to be grownups in the real world, only to have it happen and we run around like our heads are chopped off for a bit. This rom-com makes you feel like you’re not alone, which is always a comforting feeling.

10 Things I Hate About You

This is an absolute classic rom-com that is sure to put a smile on your face. Not to mention all the 90s-style teen angst you get to indulge yourself with. Kat’s witty remarks and banter with Patrick will probably make you explode from all that angry cuteness.

A Christmas Prince

This one is included purely because it’s so awfully made that you can’t help but instantly thank yourself that you didn’t come up with the concept. Therefore, it’ll make you feel good. So, you have that going for you. Sit back and pick out all the loop holes and flaws in the movie that are beyond obvious and could have been avoided. Remind yourself that if Amber can make it as a writer (when she can’t write) and afford to survive while stuffing around with a prince, you’ve got this in the bag.

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