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How To Handle Stress About Life After Uni

So, you’ve just committed the past three or four years to excessive reading, assignments, exams and prac. Not to mention, having a social life and a part time job added to the mix of responsibilities. Graduating is an amazing achievement that a lot of us look forward too for a number of reasons. Whether this is taking a break and travelling, or finally entering a work force you’re passionate about. Of course, we’re not immune to a good old crisis regarding the immanency of our future being changed for good though, so here are ways to handle stress about your life after the Uni slog.

Allow Yourself A Time Of Relaxation After Grad

Knowing that you get to have the freedom to relax will help your potential stress after Uni. Winding down for a bit will really help you regain your wits about you after spending all that time studying. It’ll also help you avoid burning out when you first enter the work force. Committing some of your time to plan out your goals for the next couple months will save you the stress of thinking about the big steps on the spot.

Start Applying For Jobs Before You Graduate

Getting a casual job is hard enough, let alone an after grad job where all the resume bells and whistles are needed. So instead of rushing about after graduation in search of a job, why not try to apply for jobs a little earlier? You never know what putting your name out there early could do for your prospective career. It’ll also help you not feel as frazzled and overwhelmed, when doing it in a gradual manner.

Think About New Ways To Be Independent

It’s been said that we feel like we lose a sense of our independence when we graduate. Who knows why. Maybe it’s because we feel like we have less to do, or we move back home from studying in a different city. Whatever the reason is, we need to make sure we find different ways to be independent to avoid stress about feeling like we’re going backwards.

Start Developing A Network

Getting your life sorted after Uni helps when you have a network surrounding and supporting you. By creating a network of people in your industry, it’s less likely you’ll feel as though you’re drowning in stress.

Go With The Flow

Sometimes life happens, and your precious plans may not go to plan. This can be extremely daunting and stressful, however learning to go with it will be more helpful than focusing on the disrupted plans. If you’re the type of person who needs a solid plan, why not make a back-up plan? After all, you’re about to be out and about in the big bad world, you may as well hit it with all you’ve got.

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