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Key Signs That Your Boss Isn’t Treating You Right

Most of us love to hate them, and some of us are blessed with a boss from the heavens. Whatever end of the stick you’ve ended up with, no employee deserves to be taken advantage of by their boss. For many of us, our age and lack of experience in the work force can leave us feeling downright sh*t about going into work due to the treatment we receive by our senior. So whether it is your casual job through uni or your full time career, here are a few key signs to look out for. Cause at the end of the day it’s your bosses duty to actually take care of you in the work place.

They Call You On Your Days Off

You’ve put in hours for some long service leave, or maybe you have an RDO at your hospitality job. Whatever the excuse for the day off, you’ve received message after phone call from your boss about work related needs. Bosses that don’t understand boundaries between their employees are ones to watch out for. Unless you’ve signed up to be on 24 hour call, you owe them nothing. And don’t ever feel guilty about not responding to their requests.

They Aren’t Clocking In Your Overtime

They’ve asked you to stay back because there’s a huge project coming up and they need all hands on deck. You find yourself in the office every night past seven. The problem arises when you see absolutely no redemption in your next pay check, despite being promised overtime. Being taken financial advantage of by your boss is the first key sign that something is not right. If you are feeling a little uncertain about the financial side of your role, sign up for an appropriate union. If your boss isn’t treating you right, you will at least have the comfort of knowing you can seek support and help.

They Have Taken Advancements Toward You

It might have happened in the solitude of the office, or maybe it was an out of line remark at after work drinks. Whatever it may be, inappropriate language use and behaviour towards a colleague is so not okay. During a time where such grand sexual harassment movements are happening around the world, now is the right time to take action about that out of line behaviour. It can even be comments about your weight and appearance. Never, ever brush it aside and be sure to bring up the matter with HR.

They Don’t Make Time For You

It might not be something as extreme or concerning as harassment, but a key sign that something isn’t right with your boss is that they aren’t taking time to invest in your future. Maybe you’ve started a graduate program at a law firm, and you feel like your boss isn’t providing you with the guidance and support you were seeking. It could either come from their lack of interest or maybe even their consumption with their own role. Either way you should be receiving a proper level of training and support from your boss and they should be making time for you in the workplace.

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