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Mantra Collective Lads Bringing You A Tasty Halloween Boat Party

Let’s be honest, Halloween is a bit like New Years Eve. We sort of all want to be at something decent, but often leave it to the last minute and end up paying top dollar to hang out with odd folk at a grungy pub.

Well consider your last min plans sorted.

If you’re in Sydney, the booming Mantra Collective are bringing you a boat party on Sydney Harbour that is sure to absolutely shiver your spine.

And they’ve even gone and brought Berlin house queen Dana Ruh to lead the show, which also features Marley Sherman, Jac Frier and of course a speciality set from the Mantra Collective DJs themselves.

And MC are known for their killer setups too. To give ‘ya a bit of an idea of the scope of this insane party, they’ve teamed up with the one and only Gelfling Productions to create a ridiculous atmosphere across TWO STAGES. Fucking two stages on a boat!

Indoors they’ll have the aptly named Horrors Of Underwater stage, and outdoors the Sunset Stage which will casually feature a giant octopus and bat just to get you into the ghoulish mood.

So yeah, no biggie or anything on the Hollywood scale of this one.

They’ve just released a final set of tickets due to demand, so get in quick and click here for more info + to buy tickets – this devilish night will be one that you’ll be glad to have nightmares about.

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