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Menswear Guide to Nailing an Interview

Landed yourself an interview? Firstly, a nod off the cap fine sir. But there is still a bit to do, and I’m not just talking about brushing up your knowledge about the subjects and world affairs. Yep, we’re talking about your attire. We all know you have to scrub up for the big day, so what should you wear if not that classic black suit with your favourite striped tie?

To help you with it, let’s check out the must haves and some not haves in your wardrobe that you should consider wearing to leave that killer first impression. So, men and women (who have a man in their lives) read on to excel your interview look before you head in to the cauldron.

Suit Styles

A single breasted double buttoned suit is not only the trendiest but also the safest choice – ever. Besides, the fabric should be chosen according to the season and you should ensure that it is neatly ironed. A suit with creases? Not on.

However, when it comes to choosing the right colours for your suit it would be recommended to go for charcoal grey or navy blue rather than the classic black as it leaves an impression, and suggests you’ve put some thought in. Don’t be a sheep and go cheap black suit.


If it’s your first big career-esque interview then just don’t mess with the staple white shirt. Invest in a simple button down shirt with straight collars. Also, make sure that the fabric of your shirt is 100% cotton; way more crisp when worn, and even though you already have a killer personality, this will only add to it.

The absolutely not-worth-considering styles include contrasting collar and cuff shirts or the ones with French cuffs = aka a lot higher chances of making cufflink mistakes. And trust me, when you are going for an interview, even the smallest accessories matter a lot.


Your tie will be the most important accessory that you will ever rock in an interview. Go for solids, stripes or small dot patterns, depending on your shirt. Remember, you are going for an interview and not a hot date where you want to grab all the attention. So avoid wearing bright colours or loud patterns.

When it comes to watches, make sure that it’s neither sporty nor a really expensive brand. Making your interviewer feel that he is wearing cheaper brands than you is certainly not the way you want to go for the interview.


Your haircut matters as much as your attire. Trim your hair properly, ensuring that no strands are falling on your eyes – not classy. Also, make sure that you have cut out your nails and your shirt is properly ironed and tucked inside. It’s the simple things, right?

Invest in a good shoe shiner, make sure that you keep a handkerchief in your pant pocket and a real pen that works should also be kept handy. And most importantly remember to shave your beard and moustaches. Even though facial hair has never been more ‘in’ just make sure you trim and line any beards. And at least consider temporarily departing with your average moustache if you are going in for a financial job interview. Be smart.


Do not bathe in perfume. Nobody is really going to pay attention to your answers and persona if your fragrance overpowers the room. Generally I’d recommended to even not wear any cologne for the interview – but if you’re a fan, then dab really small amounts at the base of the throat or behind your ears without overdoing it.

And for goodness sake, don’t spray it on your clothes.

And Finally…

Though it doesn’t harm to ask your interviewer in one of the preliminary conversations about the dress code that is to be followed, go with proper formals for your first visit to the company. It is always good advice to dress up rather than dress down for any interview. Whether it be at a firm, agency or any type of professional job.

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