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Perf Party Songs For Your Pre’s This Weekend

It’s a necessity in life, pre’s, and while warming up for the main event that your weekend mischief is based on, you don’t want to be feeling flat.

And while pre’s are mainly designed to be a cheap way to line your liver have a responsible drink or two before you hit that house party, gig or birthday bevs, it’s important to have a solid soundtrack.

And these cracking choons will make sure you’re on a fitting level while sipping on your drink of choice. So kick bloody back, and throw these guaranteed good-vibers into your pre-game playlist. (Ps. Or just throw on our 5Why Mixtape below,  feat. some of the best new and upcoming tunes from Oz and the world.)

#1 Out The Window // Confidence Man

On the back of their deliciously funky debut album, Confidence Man are a right pick for your pre-going out shenanigans.  Honestly, you could probably just throw on their whole record as it definitely is a sweet, sweet pick me up. Out the Window in particular is a nice little jam, and features a modern Burning Down The House influenced chorus that will begin the toe tapping for sure.

#2 Fire // Peking Duk

The ‘Berra boys are back with another sure fire – no pun – track that will be sure to feature in many a dance floor. The start of the song and pre-chorus feels like a definite nod to the king himself, Daryl Braithwaite (give it a listen and you’ll get me). Fire actually blends many of PD’s latest sounds, a bit of funky guitar, a huge drop and ridiculously catchy lyrics.

#3 Under The Moon // Claptone

He just keeps rising in popularity does the mysterious Berlin producer and DJ. And his latest single of his forthcoming album, Under the Moon, is straight out of the textbook. It does have a bit of a dark feel, but the piano-led house melody is bound to get stuck in your head, and trust me it’s only a matter of time ’til you’re belting out “UNDER THE MOOOOOON!”

#4 Downtown Shutdown // The Presets

I actually think all of the historical talk of a second coming of a divine deity is in reference to these lads. The Presets are already well and truly Aussie dance music royalty, with a tonne of hits mainly spread through the 2000’s. And after their initial two singles in their return to music, this track comes as a nice surprise. Featuring the voices of St Paul’s Lutheran Church Choir – a group of former refugees and youngsters from Burundi, D.R. Congo and South Sudan – it’s a boogie worthy jam. It also features all-round good guy Touch Sensitive on the bass = banger.

#5 My People // Remi

Our favourite Victorian MC just keeps on producing the goods. I like that he took his time with this one, and continued with his effortless rap-singing. It’s the perfect rhythm too, upbeat but certainly not fast paced, it’s a track that is perfect for getting a good buzz.

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