All The Signs You’re More Of An Adult Than You Think

It seems to be a bit of a trending thing among us millennials that our twenties are absolutely excruciating when it comes to dating, career, friendship and well general living. We try and finish uni, find jobs, settle down and all that jazz, and every time we think we are managing to get on top of everything something comes along to whack us back down. Now what if I told you that you’re actually more of an adult that you think? You’d be pretty pleased with yourself right? Well if you’re facing some extreme moments of self-doubt about what the actual hell you’re doing with your life, here are a few signs to look out for, that prove that you have your shit somewhat together.

#1 You Pay Your Bills On Time

Trivial for some, impossible for others, but actually managing to make ends meet when it comes to finances is a super impressive skill to have mastered in your twenties. A sign that adulthood is finally starting to fall into place is managing your monthly phone bill without having texting and data disabled. Whether you have a multitude of bills to pay or just one or two major payments a fortnight, the ability to have them sorted in accordance to the due date shows soaring maturity and responsibility. So pat yourself on the back.

#2 You’ve Learnt That Three Day Benders Are Actually Super Unhealthy

It might have been the trend of your weekends when you were 19, but the thought of partying and drinking from Friday night through to Sunday arvo is no longer on your agenda. One night of madness maybe every few weeks is satisfactory for you, and that’s totally cool as well. Having the ability to pass on events and combat that FOMO shows that you’re actually more of an adult than you give yourself credit for. Kudos to you my friend.

#3 You Have Rid Of All The Toxic People In Your Life

No more time for high school shenanigans, you only surround yourself with healthy mates that love and encourage you. A real sign of your blooming adulthood is the fact that you can now confidently say you long ago rid of anyone causing extra drama and stress in your life. The older you get the less time you have for bullshit. A good old toxic cleanse is a natural stepping stone into the next phase of your life anyways.

#4 You Actually Clean Your Room

So this might seem a little cliché, but learning to take pride in your belongings and cleaning your room is a real sign that you’re growing up. Prior to this new found passion for cleaning (okay, passion might be an exaggeration) it would be rare to walk into your room and not find a floordrobe. Taking the time to change your bed sheets, keep your clothes in the cupboard and even vacuum is proof that your inner adult is trying to get out.

#5 You Have No Idea Who These New Teen Celebs Are

What if I told you that Peyton List and Cameron Boyce are famous Disney stars? You would have absolutely no clue who I was referring to right? Well these fresh faced teens are the Disney celebs of today. What happened to the golden years of Hilary Duff, The Jonas Brothers and Raven Symone. I mean if this doesn’t make you feel like and adult, I’m out.

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