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Study Reveals We’re Actually Useless At Taking A Holiday

For a generation obsessed with treating ourselves and holidays, it turns our that we absolutely suck-ass at taking our annual leave. In fact, a study conducted by delved into our full-time work habits, and it’s not a pretty picture. An equivalent of 2.4 million of us working the 9-5 grind, don’t take annual leave for more than a year (excuse me, what?) There are also 900 000 of us who don’t take it for upwards of three years (again, wtf?) Who the hell knows why, honestly, but as it turns out, it’s having negative effects on our wellbeing. So, here’s what not booking a holiday of some sort will do to our health.

More Burnout

Well, duh. This is just pure logic. If you’re not burnt out by the time the you hit the twelve month mark, ya crazy. Not taking annual leave is putting 86 percent of us in a state of exhaustion. Isn’t the point of having a full-time job to be productive and successful? Well being burnt out is going to make that entire venture pretty counterproductive and sad. This tiredness also means 33 percent of us up our caffeine intake in the hopes of increased focus.

Increased Stress

This is the result of contributing factors like a loss of concentration (51 percent) and a slower working pace (43 percent.) When we start to get less work done, compared to what our standard used to be, it can cause us to feel frustrated and stressed. Not a good time.

Less Meaningful Experiences

Being stuck behind a desk for all your days means that your brain is going to get bored looking at the same four walls. Taking a break for yourself and travelling somewhere with different scenery is sure to help break your embedded routine up. You’d essentially be giving yourself more meaningful experiences and great memories. By extension, this would also increase the happiness you feel in day to day life (can’t complain about that.)

More Sick Days

If we’re constantly worn down and don’t stop to rest, it’s only natural that our bodies are going to get sick. There are 38 percent of us who take one or more sick days. And this only becomes more frequent the more we go without an adequate break. Additionally, while taking these days to get better, you’re not even completely unwinding, as your body is working hard to get better. So, I guess the moral of the story here is that we need to book a holiday, stat.

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