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Things We’ve Overheard On Public Transport

People from all walks of life gather in one place to catch the many facets of public transport. With such an eclectic mix of human beings, you’re sure to overhear some doosey conversations. The beauty of overhearing conversation to and from a destination is like playing a choose your own adventure that’s sure to keep you on your toes. Here’s a fraction of what you’ve probably heard.

Sexlife Antics In Vivid Detail

You know public transport is getting real when talk about someone’s overactive and inventive sex life comes out. You’ll usually hear this conversation on a Monday morning when you’re not nearly prepared enough for the week ahead, let alone their sexual antics. The person having the conversation usually thinks they’re being quiet too, but plot twist; they don’t know how to use their inside voice. Who needs a good book or Netflix when you get to listen to a story about Jeremy waking up to the morning show while mysteriously handcuffed to a bed that isn’t his own?

Something About Family Drama

As it turns out, David’s cousin has landed himself in some deep waters and Nanna would be rolling over in her grave if she ever knew the details. You try not to listen in, as the conversation is extremely personal and hush hush. However, the topic of choice is being discussed on public transport where the ears of many are able to hear. So, what the hell? Of course you keep listening, they’re making it your business. It’s also impossible not to froth over family drama that isn’t your own.

Talk Of Some Weird Quirk

Are you really on public transport if you don’t overhear someone talking about one of their many quirks or weird health issues? I once overheard someone say that they thought they were a little inbred, due to their many health issues and slightly deformed toes. Sure, this sounds like something that’s been made up, but alas, someone actually came out and said this. Yay for transport. Just for extra gag-worthiness, you may even hear someone talk in detail about a rash they have on the back of their thigh that flairs up when it’s hot. Why? There’s not really a valid answer apart from ‘why not?’.

Complaints About A Workmate

The Weekend Happenings

The weekend is sure to be a main topic of conversation, especially if it’s fully of juicy information. It’s no surprise that people live for their weekends. With this comes a tonne of stories that’ll leave you wide eyed and starring at the seat ahead. Conversations usually jump from, “aw yeah, I got munted, mate,” to, “I didn’t do anything with myself last weekend.. this one is gonna be huge though, so keen.”

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