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Vox Pop – Kayla Dominish

Every week Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on current trending news from around the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point. No side-stepping here.

Name: Kayla
Age: 23
Occupation: Executive Assistant

Were the Greens right to walk out of Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech?

In my opinion, Pauline Hanson doesn’t deserve an audience.

Who’s should win the Bachelor?


Should there be a hijabi emoji added to the next emoticon update?

I can’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be? There’s currently a range of skin colours, ages, professions and diverse relationships/families to choose from. It certainly doesn’t hurt anyone to be inclusive.

Is Hilary Clinton’s health of a concern to her presidency, total conspiracy or valid concern?

I switched off from the USA presidency circus a month or two back. #Kanye2020

The Chiko Roll is causing controversy in parliament, is it a national icon or tuck shop trash?

Personally, I hate the things. My mum would argue their worth, but to me they are a no no!

Chet Faker changing his artist name to Nick Murphy, marketing ploy or authentic genius?

It will be hard to get used to but good on him. He tested the water under an alias, and after great success has obviously found the confidence to step onto the stage as himself.

Laneway lineup, in love or definitely lacking?

Neither here nor there tbh!

Video emerged of cancer faker Belle Gibson being media trained prior to her outing, morally inept or accident of the publishers?

Is she still being spoken of? The less attention she gets the better in my eyes.

Paralympians in a distant running event beat the Olympic winning time, should we pay more attention to the paralympics?

Of course we should! Although personally I didn’t even follow much of the regular Olympics. But I feel this comes back to the media coverage; If the Paralympics were hyped up as much and in your face just as the main games are then I’m sure it would have a flow on effect of people being just as interested.

RSPCA was called to rescue a croc in England this week, it turned out to be a toy croc; hilarious incident or lacklustre prank?

People need to lighten up! Whether this was a prank or a genuine case of mistaken look-a-like (funnier if it were the latter) it makes for a funny story! If it were the real deal you’d have been sorry for not saying anything.

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