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Vox Pop – Mac Steer

Vox Pop chats to millennials from all over Australia, getting their opinion on trending news and issues from all over the globe. Short, sharp opinions that are straight to the point.

Name: Mac Steer

Age: 23

Occupation: Business Development and Sales

Kanye West met with Donald Trump this week. Do you think he’s up for an ambassadorial gig?

First off, super excited to express my opinions. I have good ones. Mate, Kanye West and Donald Trump are perfect for each other. Hes definitely up for it!

Pirate Bay is going to be blocked in Australia. Do you still torrent or are you paying to stream nowadays?

Look, I used to sail the high seas but Netflix made it so much easier to watch movies and tvshows I am now a law abiding citizen.

Qantas this week announced it’s new long haul route from Perth to London non-stop. The 17 hour flight will be the longest in the world. How would you spend 17 hours on a plane?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Uber has expanded it’s trials into driverless cars. Would you catch a driverless Uber?

Yeah definately. Just to leave really bad reviews for not being offered mints and water.

The most googled list for 2016 has been released and it revealed Australians top three what is… queries. The top 3 were what is my IP address, what is a plebiscite and what is Pokemon Go. Did you google any or all of those this year?

Nope, I google pictures of funny dog memes almost exclusively.

The new Aquaman movie is to be filmed in Australia. Are you a Marvel or DC fan?

Why is it that the last few DC movies suck ass? The only good thing thats come from DC lately is a youtube video called ‘sad Affleck ‘. Marvel.

Yahoo announced a breach of 1 million accounts in a hack this week. Does your email privacy concern you?

If someone hacks my email and manages to sift through all my junk mail to steal my identity; they deserve it.

A pub enthusiast in the UK has mapped out the world’s longest pub crawl spanning 25,000 km and stopping at every pub in the UK. Would you be game to try it out?

Depends… is there a minimum drink policy at each pub? Because if so, I will be incapacitated after 3 stops.

There’s been news this week of a How I Met Your Mother spin-off. What show would you like to see a spinoff of?

Spinoffs are a disgrace to the human race. I would rather watch a sloth for several hours.

Sushi burgers are coming to Australia, the newest fusion food is set to arrive in Sydney this week. What’s the craziest hybrid food you’ve ever tried?

Peanut butter and jelly pizza. 10/10 would recommend.

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