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Why A Boozy Brunch Is A Weekend Must Do

With the skies clearing and summer definitely on it’s way in, it’s time to make Saturday boozy brunch your new Friday night out. Reap all the benefits of daylight drinking and dining with your squad…it’s your best bet for a hugely fun time out, minus the mishaps of those usual evening activities.

#1 Hassle Free Run

One of the best things about a boozy brunch is that you hardly need to worry about a thing! The best brunch venues out there will sort everything for you and your buds so you don’t have to stress, like a set menu and a beverage package, which gets even better with the popular ‘bottomless’ option in the mix. This type of brunch-exclusive deal of either flowing bubbles, mimosas, bellinis or cocktails means you hit the weekend booze jackpot my friend.

#2 Foodie Heaven

Brunch food is the best food. You can eat some of your fav AM meals right alongside yummy lunchtime delights. Think eggs with a twist, super fresh fruit salads and right-out-of-the-oven pastries, through to ‘main’ courses of risotto, sliders and pizza. Brunch foods are a variety of the best weekend staples all enjoyed at once, brill! And because these set menu dishes are served over a few hours, you get to savour all the fantastic flavours for longer.

#3 No Night Frights

A boozy brunch means no nighttime line-ups, angry bouncers or packed-out clubs. All the worst things about an evening out are bypassed when you book a brunch. And forget the wallet-woes and hemorrhaging your weekly savings, because a brunch package deal means budgeting up-front and not having to worry about cash money hassles (and waking up with those guilts feels from out of control bar shouts).

#4 All In One

Some of Sydney’s best brunch venues are also adding a little layer of night time love to their brunch. DJs are at these venues spinning tunes in the early arvo, and as the sun goes down – you get to enjoy some good music without a nasty cover-charge or over-crowded dancefloor. A bestie boogie after you’ve had the chance to properly catch-up and chat with mates without having to yell over the music perfectly balances the day.

#5 Save Your Sunday

Daytime drinking gets a bad rap, but a boozy brunch session is not about being hammered and going hard into the night, it’s about getting the most out of your weekend days with plenty of socialising time. Whilst Friday night revelers waste their Saturday away snoozing until the afternoon, you and your brunch buddies are bossing it on a weekend with the option to take the easy road and get home early to enjoy a night-in so you can feel recuperated for your Sunday.

Image Source: The Darlo Club.

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