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What To Do When You’re Keen On A Mate’s Sibling

So, you’ve landed yourself with a nice dose of feels for your friend’s sibling (hah, nice one) and with that might come a few possible quandaries. While liking your mate’s sibling isn’t the worst thing that could happen, it could be a little nerve racking to wrap head around. And the person you usually talk it through with is, well, your friend. So here are a few pointers on working out the navigation strategy.

Consider If It’s Just A Simple Crush Or More

If it’s just you having a froth over how great they look all the time, maybe reconsider if you want to take things further. Working this out early is the best, most risk-free way to navigate this situation. If it turns out to be just a crush, you’re free to live your life, and can continue to drool over their face in peace. If you find that you’re actually seeing qualities of a potential partner in your interaction with them (great conversation, support etc.), then there’s a little more to work out.

Put Out Feelers

No, this isn’t a pun, get your heads out of the gutters, fiends. By doing this, you’re basically sussing out if they feel anything for you. Because god forbid they come out with the sentence, “you’re like a brother/ sister to me” right before you’re about to make a solid move. Absolute cringe. While you’re at it, it’s probably best to suss your mate out on their thoughts on their sibling’s dating antics too.

Work Out If It’s Worth The Risk

If you conclude that there could be feelings reciprocated then it’s best to figure out if it’s worth the potential risk if you progress everything further. While new relationships can be a wonderful thing, having your friend not be okay with the decision isn’t ideal. Try to figure out what tactic you’d take if the relationship affected your friendship, because at the end of the day, losing someone you like is hard, but losing a close friend in the process makes it harder.

Keep It Real

At some point you have to tell your friend that you think their sibling is the bee’s knees. They may question your sanity but the show must go on, and you need to be completely honest with them. Understand that your friend might be a little put out by the whole thing, but try to remain calm and help them come to terms with your feelings.

Don’t Let It Overtake The Friendship

If you’ve managed to get your wish of a romance with your friend’s sibling and have gotten the all clear from your close buddy, there’s one thing left to consider. Have a think about how you’ll manage your time between the two. Just make sure to keep it simple and be sure that you don’t become less ingrained in your companionship with your pal as a result of your new romance.

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