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​How To Manage Your Time When You’re Unorganised AF

Time doesn’t have to be your enemy.

​I really wish I could find comfort in the idea that time is all but an abstract thing, a construct. Its sole purpose is stressing us the hell out when we have way too many things on our plates. Who can find the time to separate white from coloured washing when there are Netflix series to stream, Spotify playlists to perfect and smashed avo toasts to devour?

But, unfortunately, time is real and it’s very much here to stay. So when some of us have horrible time management skills written in our DNA, how do we at least try to remain organised amidst the chaos? We’ve teamed up with headspace in our I Can’t Even Deal RN series, to bring you some tips when you’re disorganised as heck.

#1 Write A List

When your brain is overflowing with chores, work deadlines and social events, the idea of getting on top of anything can seem impossible.

Throw in work rosters, Afterpay, and you’re doomed if you don’t have a notepad and pen handy. Transfer everything clouding your brain onto some paper. Seeing all your tasks in front of you will lessen the overwhelming feeling you have and allow you to prioritise the most important tasks first. I recommend ticking things off too — the high is kinda incredible!

#2 Tidy Up

I’m not saying you have to throw a full Marie Kondo but having a tidy home life and work space is key to at least feeling like you’re organised. Decluttering your house or work desk will not only reduce your stress but it will also save you time. Less time can be spent searching high and low for things and more time can be spent being the productive little boss that you are.

#3 Set Goals

These can be both long- and short-term goals. Before starting the week, write down a handful of things you want to get done and try to have a goal for different areas of your life (social, work, financial, health etc). Check in during the week to notice your progress or highlight things you’ve overlooked.

#4 Eliminate Distractions

If social media is your biggest weakness throughout the day, delete the apps from your phone for a while. Disconnecting from the digital world can allow you to be more involved in what you’re doing, not what your mates are.

If this seems like too drastic a step to take, consider just switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode for a while—that way, when you’re in the zone, you can stay in the zone without a buzz knocking you out of your working mindset. Time limits on your social media use or gaming can also work. Or it could be as simple as letting your friends and family know that you need some time and space to knuckle down.

#5 Start Saying No

When you’ve got a full workload, it can be tempting to jump on any chance to spend time doing anything but what needs to be done. Saying no to invitations on the odd occasion will save a whole lot of stress down the line.

#6 Sleep

Make sure you get a minimum of 7-8 hours sleep. Please. We have all been there, barely getting 6 hours of rest, then wondering why we’re so damn tired everyday. Being well rested will relieve stress and you’ll also notice the extra energy you have to remain productive throughout the whole day — no siesta required.

#7 Break Bigger Tasks Into Smaller Ones

If it’s unrealistic to complete a task in one sitting, break it up into smaller tasks or limit the time you spend on it. Saying you’ll spend one hour on something is bound to be a whole lot more productive than feeling overwhelmed for half a day.

If you’re ridiculously unorganised or time poor, it’s easy to get stressed real quick. If you need a little extra help managing everything, or just need some type of life structure, these articles from headspace to help you get über-organised. Start with small steps and work your way up to peak productivity. You go, Glen Coco!

Image Sources: Autri Taheri

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