10 Eco Friendly Ways To Get Warm (And Stay Warm) This Winter

Winter is here.

Winter has well and truly arrived and unfortunately, it’s here to stay (for a while). As we all scramble for things to fight off the winter chills (and questionably our souls – ugh my inner winter witch is thriving), it’s easy to flick on the heater for ‘just for a second’ as you get dressed for work, or prepare to get into bed.

And whilst flicking the heater on for ‘just a second’ is certainly okay, in moderation, it’s often tempting to leave it running until winter is all but over. Ramping up your electricity use will most certainly double your power bill, and it’ll also double your carbon emissions. So at a time when we should all be conscious about our energy use, how can we keep warm in winter without doubling our carbon footprint?

Here’s how to get warm this winter without kissing goodbye to your eco-consciousness. It’s possible to make greener decisions, even in winter, it’s just about being a little nifty.

Close Doors

Be conscious of rooms in your home that aren’t in use, and close the door. Trapping the heat in the areas you do use is a super simple winter hack that requires zero effort (and zero dollars). Another helpful tip to retain heat in your home is to buy a cheeky door snake – Big W are flogging them for $4.

Close Curtains/Blinds

You’ll notice in winter your windows are radiating coldness – so close your blinds! By blocking out the cold you’re also trapping in the heat. Win, win.

Layer Up

It goes without saying that if you want to keep warm this winter, you’ll have to trade in the paper-thin cotton tees for something a little more hearty. Stock up on some woollen layers and be conscious about the materials you’re buying. Bamboo fabrics are definitely worth their weight in gold – they’re also biodegradable and super soft.

Another hack: cover your extremities! You lose the most heat from your head and feet, so dig out that beanie and chuck on those fuzzy socks.

Winter-Proof Your Home

Winter proofing your home doesn’t necessarily mean slapping down hundreds of dollars for throws and novelty cushions. By purchasing a rug (op shop rugs included), you can soften up the tread of your home for next to nothing – and you’re feet won’t be as cold!

Load Up On The Comfort Food (And Tea)

If you’re layered up in clothes and smothered in blankets, and you’re still cold, it’s time to warm yourself on the inside. Pour a tea or heat up some comfort food (soups or hearty curries work perfectly) and feel yourself melt into ideal winter living.

Body Heat

Cosy up to your S/O (whether it be of dog or human form) and melt into your shared body heat. Winter is perfect for organising cosy nights in, movie marathons and comfort food fiestas – the more body heat you can generate, the better.

Sources: Unsplash, Giphy. 

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