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Thoughts We All Have Preparing For A First Date

*obsessively checks my self in the mirror like ten times*

We all know that damn saying on how first impressions last forever, and this couldn’t be more relevant when it comes to first dates. It’s make or a break for a new relationship and the prep alone can be an emotional rollercoaster. From figuring out what to wear, to thinking up exit plans, getting ready can be its own ordeal.

I recently had a first date with a new guy that I was really excited for. Naturally I wanted to look my best, so my whole day was spent thinking about the date. As I was getting ready that night, I realised before every first date I followed a ‘mental preparation’ step by step. Texting my girlfriends for reassurance it became clear we all did the same.

So here’s a few thoughts I’m sure we’ve all had when getting ready for a romantic encounter.


You’ve come home from work super excited about the night ahead. You’re pumping your Girl (or Guy) Power playlist on Spotify, you feel amazing and nothing can stand in your way!


Pre-planning the night, everyone does it. “When the bill comes I wonder if he’ll offer to pay?” “I wonder if she’ll be on time?” “I wonder if he’ll notice my new hair cut?” For me this pretty much lasts from the minute they ask you out until the minute you get home.


I sometimes get experimental (and by experimental I mean trying to copy YouTube tutorials) at home and play around with my make up to practice for a night out. But it’s always during these practice runs I can transform into a supermodel and look flawless, yet when getting ready for a date I manage to look like a three year old drew on your face with coloured sharpies…. Cue stress.


It’s inevitable that sometimes two people just don’t have that magic spark and when that happens you need an exit plan ASAP. When the chemistry fizzles rather than explodes, there’s nothing worse than having to endure hours of bad company. Having a job that has a start time of 7am is usually a good excuse that works for me, but I’ve heard of friends who have coded messages that when received cue a phone call detailing a major event that has occurred so they’re able to leave immediately.


It happens to all of us.


Heels or no heels? It’s a very important question which leaves most women wobbling around our rooms with two different shoes on. Guys, do you change into a casual button up or go with the work suit?


You’re dressed with hair and make up to match, just about to leave… but first let me check in the mirror one more time…


There’s no worse hit to the ego than when your outfit/makeup is just not coming together. You admit defeat, throw yourself on the bed and decide you simply are not leaving the house. Guys, don’t pretend you haven’t had some bad hair moments.


Trying to craft up a realistic excuse to bail: I have food poisoning, my cat died, my selfie game is off??


Your mini-freak out is just nerves.

Returning home after a great first date, I always think back on how silly I am to make such a big deal out of getting ready and spending 20 minutes deciding between a wedge and pump.

Especially as if I asked my date what type of shoes I was wearing he’d probably say “black ones”.  With all this pressure we can place on ourselves to look ‘perfect’ it’s easy to lose sight of why we’re actually going in the first place – to have fun.

So hopefully this acts as a reminder next time you’re getting ready for a first date, that in a week, month or year it’s not going to matter if your outfit/makeup was perfect, but rather the memories you created. Go love, lovers.

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