11 Things You Absolutely Have To Experience At A Music Festival

If you’ve already experienced all 11, you’re the real MVP.

In response to the STACKED Laneway lineup that dropped this morning, we thought of the top 11 things you need to experience at a festival, at least once. Festivals can be physically and emotionally challenging, but they’re 100% worth the mud, sweat and tears. If you can tick all these items off our bucket-list – congrats, you’re a true festy-head.

Ruin Something White

Probably your white shirt (or shoes if you were stupid enough the wear white sneakers). No amount of bleach can get the festival out of your Nike Air Force 1s!

Loose Your Sunglasses

Even with one of those trendy sunglasses chains they still seem to go missing. We will never know how.

Eat A Chip On A Stick

You know those cool swirly potato things that you queue up for 30 hours to get. So damn good.

Drink A Slushie With Warm Vodka

The universal festival cocktail that you’ve probably been drinking since you were sixteen.

Get Sunburnt

No matter how many times Mum nags you, you never remember to pack sunscreen.

Play Phone-Tag With Your Mate For 2 Hours

Neither of you will have any reception but you will be determined to meet up. Prepare yourself for a series of, “hello – can you hear me?” and “if you can hear this, meet at the Red Bull tent in 10 minutes!!!”

Take Shots From Someone’s Yoghurt Squeezie In The Mosh Pitt

If you didn’t think tequila shots can get any worse… Guess what, they can.

Experience A Death Pit

And hysterically run away from the death pit because those things are damn scary. Can dudes in singlets at festivals just CHILL.

Get On A Random Guy’s Shoulders / Have A Random Girl On Your Shoulders

Festival flirting level: shoulders. We don’t know why this is a thing, but it is…

Watch One Of Your Friends Cry To The Music

“It’s just so freaking beautiful.”

Chant ‘Hey! Baby’ By DJ Ötzi When Leaving The Festival

This is by far the weirdest part of Aussie festival culture. How did this become a thing? Why is this a thing? We have so many questions…

Image Sources: GIPHY, Unsplash (@Krystll)

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