20 Classic And Delish Aussie Snacks We Wish We Still Had In Our Tupperware Lunchbox

As time goes on, trends move forward. A-listers become D-listers are people you know became people you once knew. One thing will never change: our love for food. Even so, countless numbers of classic Aussie snacks have been stolen from our shelves and our hearts. This goes out to the snacks we wish we still had.

#1 Ovalteenies

Tiny bite-sized malt goodness…mmmm

#2 Cheese Stringers

If you ever took a whole bite out of these, you’re probably a monster

#3 Space Food Sticks

Not sure if anyone really liked these but nonetheless, we miss them

#4 Sunnyboys

Nothing made it feel more like summer than cracking one of these triangle babies out of the freezer

#5 In A Biskit Chicken Flavoured Drumsticks

These were shapes before shapes were cool. Chicken salt deliciousness.

#6 Cadbury Marble Chocolate

Never again will you get the same white:milk chocolate ratio. Top deck just isn’t the same.

#7 Burger Man

The real hero. Kicks Burger Ring’s ass.

#8 Yoghurt Frogs

The ultimate primary school currency.

#9 Yowies

The Australian’s shittier Kinder Surprise. We miss them dearly.

#10 Kraft Cheese Sticks

I wish I had an HD photo of these but it seems everyone threw them out of their pantries and memories. Man, they were disgusting. What I would do to taste it one last time.

#11 Mamee Noodles

Everyone’s fave blue monster, and every mother’s worst crumb-infested nightmare

#12 Bertie Beetles

Definitely nobody likes these…but kids, are you really throwing precious showbag throwback chocolate in the bin? Tsk tsk tsk.

#13 Dunkaroos

I really could cry about this one.

#14 Fruit Rollups

Every dentist’s worst nightmare. They did give you a gnarly tongue-tat for a second though.

#15 Double Dip

RIP to whatever happened to sherbert.

#16 Milo Bars

Nestle how could you?!

#17 M&M Bars

Biscuits and m&m’s, what a killer combo. You were lucky if you had this in your lunchbox.

#18 Fruit By The Foot

Are these the same as rollups? No, they’re in a league of their own, and they’re delicious.

#19 Animal Cookies With Icing And Shit

Not sure if anyone knows the name of these, but they were magical.

#20 Killer Pythons

The only Australian snake that probably wouldn’t kill you. It’s gummy snakes with 3 times the eating time.

Allow this to be our plea for Australian food companies to bring back the classics. Our shelves are looking a little empty and colourless without them.

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