20 Iconic Pics From George Floyd Rallies, As Protests Take Place In London, Berlin And Toronto

The world is rallying.

After news of George Floyd’s tragic death a week ago started to ripple out across the world, we’ve quickly seen a huge civil rights reaction. And after a weekend of riots, activism and protesting across the United States, we’ve seen the unrest move into worldwide cities.

From London, to Berlin, Copenhagen and Toronto – protestors have largely marched peacefully to protest outside the front of US Embassies in each respective countries. With #BlackLivesMatter protests planned for Sydney and other Australian cities this weekend.

And while the protests continue to gain momentum in the States, some iconic photos, videos and content across the world has started to pop up on socials everywhere. It’s sort of crazy to think that we are in the middle of a global pandemic as all of this goes on.

I’m so here for these protests, and we need to focus on the reasons why this civil unrest is happening – not the looting and such that naturally come with protests of this scale and anger.

Here’s some of the most iconic images we’ve seen pop up over the past few days:

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