5 Absolutely Ridiculous Stories That Prove Men Just Don’t Know How To Write Women

Ah yes, the good ol’ vagina purse.

I’ve recently had the displeasure of discovering super cringe novels male authors have written in the perspective of women and just… WTF. How do these men have absolutely zero understanding of the female form? From assuming that women carry around purses in their vaginas, to thinking that our bodies are so complex that we can’t even pee, it’s proven time and time again that some men just don’t get women at all. Here’s the absolute most fucking ridiculous examples I could find:

#1 Women Are Super Obsessed With Their Appearance And It’s All They Care About

Thank you Reddit for this gem.

Does anyone ever say “a conservative bikini wax”? What does that even mean?

#2 Ah Yes, The Good Ol’ Vagina Purse

An excerpt from Desperate Measures, by Stuart Woods. Someone tell Mr Woods that I’d like to have a word.

Look guys, the reason women don’t have pockets on their clothes isn’t because the capitalist economy is trying to increase consumerism by forcing us to buy bags. That’s a myth. We don’t need pockets because we just carry stuff in our V-jay.

#3 You’re Def Not The Reason Girls Keep Hiding In The Bathroom

I bet when he was splashing lordly over the bowl, he splashed all over the edges and the floor too.

I’ll just have you know, my wee doesn’t get lost when I go to the bathroom. Mine’s got excellent direction. A man taught me how.

#4 The Only Thing Men Stir Are My Emotions

There’s just so much wrong with this one that I don’t really know where to begin. Like, what is waitingness? Also, can I just say that every man in my life falls asleep in like 0.5 seconds. It’s def not a battle between the thrust of their consciousness and the rest that comes with eventual yield.

#5 I Have No Words For This One

I don’t even know how to respond to this. Help, I’ve lost my child. I mean, surely I have, because how else can you explain these stretch marks?

Image Sources: Reddit: u/sausageroll101, u/clumsydogsdance, Twitter: @juliaccarpenter, Facebook: Grace Horman.

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