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5 Acts From Byron Bay To Add A Little Sunshine To Your Playlist

The sunniest festival venue in the country and physical embodiment of chill, Byron Bay and music go hand in hand. The travelling band of acts all year round makes for a thriving local scene, and you’d be a fool not to turn it up to these newbies. From indie tunes to electronic twizzles, these 5 acts are sure to add a little warmth to your current playlist.


Tropical drums beat in the distance and the vocals weave on in with an airy quality, you won’t believe the production on his tracks when you find out his age. At 18, FØRD works with a mastery beyond his years, it feels like he’s being well behaved with each layer. One commenter notes with a wonderful pun the “inFlumence” across his tracks, and we tend to agree. Pull on your Hawaiian shirt and vibe to his magical tones, they’re sure to only get better.


Their diverse influences make for tracks with incredible depth, PLTS (pronounced pilots) create rock music worth talking about. Spiced with punk, soul and a knack for strumming infectious tunes. In a time where rock has fallen a little by the wayside, these Byron Bay rockers are bringing it back with gusto. Props to the vocals too, earthy without strain and unwavering in each track, a constant sonic force. They’ll be supporting The Amity Affliction on their upcoming tour, so 2017 is looking sizeable for PLTS and we’re on board.

#3 Kyle Lionhart

A folksy act that will charm you with every hushed lyric, Kyle Lionhart’s vocal range is astounding. A little twang to a powerful roar, it all sounds effortless and relaxed. It’s as if creating magical tracks filled to the brim with soul comes to him simply, like breathing. A treasure in the surfer town’s crown, he’s touring the country and if you can, be sure to hear his charisma first hand.

#4 Seaside

A local four piece that feels like the perfect accompaniment to a montage scene, all long glances out the window and warm memories. Each track builds on their hometown spirit, Down To The Water, Wavy Baby, just like their namesake. A jangle of the tambourine here, the slow build of rock elements there, they do it all in perfect measure so each tune washes over you. Dreamlike vocals that almost sound absent minded, but then lead vocalist Darcy reels you back in before you drift too far. Seaside are your ticket to escaping without moving a muscle.


East coast locals creating tunes that are wonderfully opposite, catchy yet dark, moody but still infectious, and Wharves’ latest track is no different. The premise feels novel yet familiar, the lyrics comforting, but their sound is a heady mix of British strums and fuzzy bass, all served with, by their own account broody vocals. A talent to watch from the surf coast, Wharves are on the rise.

Image source: Wharves.

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