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5 Acts Hailing From Perth To Catch Live

As far as band names go, these west aussie offerings are quite possibly the most unique. West side can be taken to mean many a thing, but here it’s an indicator of Perth’s freshest produce. As the local music scene bubbles away with a heap of new talent, it’s to be expected that the festival lineups get bigger and better. Forget Splendour, the west coast is teeming with playlist additions no matter your preference. Expect to be making a destination festival trip cross country in the near future. So we’ve rounded up 5 local heroes, taking their tones to the masses with poise.

#1 Elli Schoen at Falls Festival, Freemantle 8/1

A voice that feels timeless, unbound by decade or genre. It’s achingly passionate, Elli demands your attention. She’s the act you don’t recognise on the lineup but upon hearing live, outshines the headliner, then you download their entire catalogue. Hand crafted songs, oscillating vocals that captivate from the first note, Elli Schoen is one to watch. Catch her at Falls Festival when it travels to Fremantle this summer, and experience the magic for yourself.

#2 Flower Drums at The Bird 15/12

Vocals creep forward from the shadows, resounding dreamily from track to track. This four piece marries an easy air with a refined electro beat, track upon track. It’s intricate without being over composed, light without being empty and soothing without trying to hard. It sounds like silk, smooth and lustrous. A soundtrack to the urban jungle, with a little retro heart in the way of 80’s drums, but enough future tropes that it’s fresh as can be. Hear the sweet sounds live at The Bird and revel to their dulcet tones.

#3 Psychedelic Porn Crumpets at Vic Park Summer Street Party 27/11

This name really takes the cake, and the whole pastry section of the supermarket. A rock outfit that transcends, psychedelic layers, riffs a plenty and dreamy vocals. Their music video is a trip too, a kaleidoscopic journey of visuals as you listen to Marmalade March. Their tracklist reads like a menu, but just one taste and you’ll realise the food is fluorescent. Taking to the stage for Vic Park Street Fest, when live they’re even more vivid. Tasty indeed.

#4 Lucy Peach at Fly By Night Musicians Club, Fremantle 25/11

An authentic indie pop songstress, so convincing is her lyrical offering, it flows like conversation. To delicate plucks Lucy croons smile inducing words in a smoky tone. It’s soulful, it’s folky and totally enchanting, your heart will swell with each delightful bar. With new music on the way you can expect great things from this Perth wunderkind, hear it first at her EP launch late November.

#5 Tobacco Rat at El Grotto, Scarborough 2/12

An electronic bass fusion that feels like a laser tag match overflowing from inside your head. That’s just from playing it on your commute, but live Tobacco Rat really comes to life. We’ve seen the helmeted men of Daft Punk, the masked glow of Golden Features, but the rat character is an unexpected embodiment. To the twist and turns of scrap metal wrenching and intergalactic synths, an all white Tobacco Rat complete with rat mask takes to the stage. Catch him supporting Polographia this December around the country, no need for an inter-state trip. Is it a banger? When it comes to Tobacco Rat it’s a certified yes.

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