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5 Acts From Sydney To Add To Your Summer Playlist

Depending on what suburb they hail from, you would have no idea they’re all from the same place. That’s the beauty of Sydney, each little enclave has it’s own sound. So whether you prefer the ramshackle sound of bands beating down the house or the sway of dance music, you’ll find a spot just right for you. Summer is so close we can all ready feel the beating sun and taste the endless day drinks. And what’s Summer without a soundtrack? Still Summer of course, just no where near as memorable. We’ve rounded up 5 local heroes killing it right now, catch them live, add to your playlist and why not buy the t-shirt too.

Mount Zamia at The Factory Theatre, 3/11

The crew of six come together with a sound so summery you’ll be transported beachside with each play. Something about the echo, the airy vocals or the instrumentals, we’re not sure but we like it. Especially the melodic chants when in hand with peppery strums of guitar. There’s a Californian vibe about their tracks, a little vacation without moving an inch. Not only are they talented, Mount Zamia will be donning school dresses all for Do It in A Dress, a sight in itself.

Kota Banks at Hudson Ballroom, 1/12

When you’re listening to that new banger, or proudly sharing it amongst friends, the vocals can make or break it. Enter Kota Banks, a Sydney songstress bringing a smoky tone to every track she lays down. Pop melodies over infectious electronic beats make for a welcome combination. Majestic Casual have her on repeat, and soon you will too. If summer could be bottled as a sound we’d want it to play just like this.

The Ruminaters at Chippo Hotel, 26/11

From the Northern Beaches, The Ruminaters have a lot more to offer than just surf side tunes. Each track is a hand crafted work of art, buzzy, lyrically sound and oh so lovely to listen to. The foursome make like the doodles a front their offerings, charm every listener into playing the next. Your dad’s dance moves meets real talent, a beaming sun of songs sure to lighten your day. Best enjoyed with beer in hand. Catch the boys at their EP launch or revel with them at Mountain Sounds Festival in Feb, sure to be a cracker.

Hurst at The Factory Theatre, 3/11

An alt rocker foursome made up of admittedly, unique individuals, Hurst is an explosive sound from the get go. The band has a 70’s quality to their sound, and with notable influences from The Pixies and Jack White it’s no surprise. From blowing the sound out of an enclosed rehearsal space to jamming with incredible energy, it’s just track after solid track from these legends. A summer sound for those endless nights. You can see them live too, in school dresses no less, at The Factory Theatre 3/11.

Lyall Moloney at Hudson Ballroom, 19/11

Beats resound from the first bar, Lyall Moloney offers hip hop with a twist. A string in the background, an synth in the foreground, make for a colourful picture. Turning it up isn’t even a question, there’s an easiness about Lyall’s voice that implores you to. Spacey in feeling and in what you hear, not a whisper but without any ounce of force. Lyall may be spitting straight to you, it sure feels like it. With even more music on the way this summer he’s one to keep an eye on when updating your soundtrack.

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