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5 Amazing Things To Immerse Yourself In At Yours & Owls Festival

If you’re a fan of some sweet choons, summer vibes and a good old drink (or ten) with mates, then you’ve got to get down to Wollongong’s upcoming Yours & Owls Festival. If you’ve already got tickets and are super excited, here’s an insight to the fest to help you make the most of it.

The Line Up

With the events of last year’s all-star line up and sold out crowds, we thought nothing could possibly top the tunes and good times provided…but oh boy, were we wrong. Yours & Owls just keeps getting better, people. We can look forward to some equally as big headliners this year, with the likes of Angus & Julia Stone, Peking Duck, The Jungle Giants, Jack River, Ocean Alley and Alison Wonderland. Need I say more? The rest of the acts are pretty damn good as well, so if you haven’t already, you can check out the full line-up here.

The Location

The festival will be held at Stuart Park, so take full advantage of the fact that this location resides along the beach! You can find a spot with an ocean view to hang with your crew whilst watching the live acts, or even go for a cheeky walk along the beach if you’re after a quick break from the crowds, wanting a feed or waiting between performances – this fest definitely promises the summer vibes you’re after.

The People

Now here’s a reason in itself to head over to a music festival (besides the music of course), because who doesn’t love meeting a bunch of new mates? Festivals provide the perfect setting for acting on impulse, so get ready to strike up a random convo with someone in the crowd next to you – you won’t be judged! This is your chance to connect with a mix of personalities from all around Australia.

The Fashion

Festivals have pretty much become fashion’s fifth season, so of course, what you wear is an essential factor for consideration. This is your opportunity to get as creative as possible – whether it’s the popular sparkle-only dress code; the typical boho vibes; or sticking to a theme with your besties, have fun with it! For some quick inspiration; western vibes, floral prints and denim are some of the trending themes of choice for festival goers this year.

The Food

A major perk of the festival’s location is the close proximity to pretty much everything – including food! The small coastal city has developed a fast reputation for its eateries and small bars, so why not indulge in some delicious food whilst you’re there? Our fave picks are the Northbeach Pavilion, Diggies Café, and North
Wollongong Hotel. You can also keep on the look out for food stalls at the festival grounds if you’re after a quick hunger fix.

Image Sources: Yours & Owls Facebook

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