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5 Artists From Adelaide You Need To Catch Live

Adelaide’s music offering is taking a serious bite out of the music scene, delivering across all genres. The dulcet hum of indie pop, a splash of punk rock, a knock of electro hip hop and why not some roots too. If your Spotify playlist is lacking or your calendar is looking a little empty, here’s 5 homegrown Adelaide acts you need to see live. Make the most of these acts rumbling around the local institutions before they crack the big time. They don’t call it Radelaide for nothing.

#1 Naomi Keyte at Jive 5/11

The name may suggest a one woman show but with band in tow they make their presence felt when live. Naomi Keyte teams distant vocals, echoes of watery sounds and a twinge of guitar in their newest track Company. Then the chorus comes and you feel like toe-tapping, clapping and singing along. Reminiscent of Beach House in the way it almost carries you out to sea, but a little extra folk charm sets them apart. You’d be a fool to miss their next live gig at Jive in November.

#2 Grenadiers at Crown & Anchor 2/12

Three dudes banging about in a room. The Grenadiers description of themselves may seem a little off kilter but they’re unapologetic. It’s loud, it’s raucous and you best believe there is no sitting down at their gigs. Pure rock and roll at it’s finest. Think The Hives with a little more edge or Queens of The Stone Age with less band members. Head to the Crown & Anchor next month as the finish up a country wide tour with a hometown gig. Our tips? Wear comfortable shoes and avoid wearing anything that doesn’t look better doused in beer from revelling fans.

#3 Bearclaw Camp at Northern Sound System 5/11

A punk outfit that makes Adelaide proud. Bearclaw Camp are a band that make sure to live up to their music at their shows, for a performance that is consistently rad. Loud punk that surrounds you, the layered sounds and vocals will spin around your head for days to come. The mix is especially high quality which only adds to it’s presence. Pensive lyrics, an ever present drum battles through and then backed up by the roaring guitar. On first play you’ll be buying tickets to their next gig at Northern Sound System next month.

#4 TXNK at Trapped 14/10

TXNK is a trap master, weaponising the popular sound to something beyond basement clubs. It’s light, mixed wonderfully and without lyrics somehow catchy. Just don’t try and sing along to it, please. Big things are around the corner for this absolute weapon, she’s playing FOMO festival amongst a host of big names. You can catch her at Trapped this weekend, come ready to dance. A lot.

#5 The Winter Gypsy at Crown & Anchor 16/10

A indie folk band made up of six pieces, expect an intricate compilation of instruments and harmonious vocals fill every track. The delicate pluck of guitars, an entrancing melody and that’s before all the sounds really come into play. Think the Paper Kites or Bombay Bicycle Club but so intrinsically Aussie it feels a little closer to home. Perhaps it’s the spice of folk or beachside ambience. Whatever it is, it’s special. Catch them at Crown & Anchor this month and revel in their delightful sound. With so many band members you won’t lose focus for a moment.

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