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5 Artists From Newcastle With Killer Tunes

Newcastle is teeming with artists; who are approaching music in unique ways to shatter the monotony becoming commonplace in the scene. Here we have five artists we highly recommend listening to, if you want to try something a little different.

#1 Introvert catch them at Enmore Theatre 16/12

You want raw music that will disrupt your very being? Well, Introvert will achieve this and then some. Combining the emotive core of post-grunge with the heaviness of alt rock, Introvert present a dense music offering that wastes nothing on a lyrical or musical level. Is It Too Late tease with a soft intro before dropping a high-impact hit of tough riffs and enthralling hooks.

#2 Majora 

Instrumental bands are perfect scene-setters, you as the listener have the pleasure of creating the narrative around the music because honestly… who will? Majora operate in two zones, progressive rock and atmospheric music and it is this duality that provides so much depth to their sound. You want to hype yourself up, you’re covered. You want to have some relaxing background music, you’re sorted as well. Majora will easily fit anywhere on your next playlist and adding their track Tidal will be a good start.

#3 Nick Saxon

Traveling is undoubtedly an insightful experience where one can gain some real perspective on life. It is this ideology that serves as the foundation of Nick Saxon’s music. The result, is a whimsical blend of dreamy vocals and easy-listening acoustics. If you need a traveling companion make sure you bring along Saxon’s latest release; Lady Wanderlust. The gentle sounds will surely be a welcomed addition to any trip.

#4 Eat Your Heart Out

Proudly embracing their Australian identity, Eat Your Heart Out hits you with brute force of the aussie twang tied in punk instrumentals for that extra sucker punch. If you’re looking for some tunes to thrash about to then we’ve already found the band for you. Turn the volume to max and give Patience a listen. You may try to fight the urge to lose yourself in the music but trust me, before long you’ll be jumping about to this track.

#5 White Gums

In a genre that may seem over saturated at the moment, White Gums take a different approach to the game, as their ambient sounds harmonise with a responsive visual show. Through a combination of carefully calculated algorithms and projected visuals that respond in real-time, what is achieved is a delight to the senses. Without trying to overload you with samples layered upon samples, the purity delivered comes across as therapeutic. If you don’t believe me, slump into your favourite chair, put on desreveR and let the magic happen.

Those are five artist who are making big waves in the Australian music scene. Show them some love and check them out if they’re in town.

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