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5 Aussie Web Series To Binge Watch

So you’ve consumed all there is to watch on Netflix and short of adding another streaming service subscription to your list of bills you’re all out of things to watch. Local TV drama can miss the mark a little and you’re very likely to see the same handful of actors in rotation across every channel. After a taste of something different even a little innovative perhaps? Look no further than the quality offering from local web series. For your viewing pleasure, enjoy.

#1 A Shared House

An eclectic bunch of housemates battle their own idiosyncrasies in this wildly funny web series. You’ll fall in love with Lucas and get over your irrational distaste for Liz by the second season. But it’s very likely you’ll want to move in with whole gang too.

#2 Bruce

As a nation we celebrate our criminal origins with gusto, enter Bruce, a convict tale. Featuring a handful of familiar Australian faces and a brand of humour that’s ochre enough without being cliche. It’s brazen, honest, a little graphic, a real dark laugh from back in the day.

#3 Girt By Fear

A horror series bringing the eery goings on of Halloween to the inner west streets of Sydney, it’s all a little too familiar. Creator Josh Vines labels it “Round The Twist for a modern and grown-up audience.” We like the sound of that already.

#4 The Film Lab

Featuring Heather Maltman of Bachelor fame, this comedy swept up at LA Web Fest upon debut. A Hollywood spin on Myth Busters sees the crack team of scientists bust or prove the stunts in films as real or fake.You’ll be in stitches.

#5 The Justice Lease

Another take on the share house setting but this time the inhabitants are a little more colourful. If Superman and Batman were to live under the same roof, just imagine what would go down. Well, actually you don’t have to because The Justice Lease is just that. The caped comedy you didn’t know you needed.

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