5 Awkward Signs They Probably Don’t Like You Back

Yeah.. look, soz.

Everyone knows the real-life struggle of getting into the dating game. Separating through the good ones from the bad ones is a hell of a process and nothing sucks more when the person you thought was ‘The One’ maybe doesn’t feel the same way back. Here’s a few of ways to decide whether or not you’re in, or out.

#1 You’re Always Initiating Convos

It’s a tell-tale sign of a one-sided relationship when you are ALWAYS the conversation starter. If you’re sitting around all day waiting for them to message first, they’re probably not thinking about you as much as you are about them. Take a step back from messaging them for a few days to know for sure. If they don’t message you, it’s safe to say they’re just not that interested.

#2 They Come Up With Excuses

“Sorry, my mum needs help with something,” “I have heaps of uni work to do, maybe next weekend,” “I forgot it was my friend’s birthday that night.” We’ve heard them all. If the excuses never stop, don’t put in the effort or you’ll end up burning out. As frustrating as it is that they’re never available to see you, it’s a clear sign that they just don’t want to spend the time with you.

#3 They Talk To You About Other Girls/Guys

If they’re telling you that they slept with the hottest person on the weekend take three steps back and remove yourself. You don’t need much more explanation than that. It sucks, but you’re only destined for pain if you keep chasing.

#4 You’re Getting Straight-Up Ghosted

You went on a really great date, so you thought, but now it seems they’ve disappeared off the face of the Earth without a trace. No, it’s not that they’ve been abducted by government aliens, they just really don’t want to see you again. Don’t take it personally, because ‘it’s not you, it’s me.’

#5 Your Gut Says So

Gut-feeling is a strong sign of what’s going on in a relationship. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get in tune with yourself and really listen to instinct. If it feels one sided, trust yourself. You can make your own decisions about what is going on and your own ideas about what is right and wrong. Chances are, your gut feeling is leading you in the right direction.

We know it sucks, but knowing sooner rather than later is so much better. Keep an eye out for these signs to avoid worst-case heartbreak.

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