5 Banger Apps Every Live Music Lover Absolutely Needs

Must. Go. To. All of the gigs.

Okay, when we talk about music apps, most people’s heads turn straight towards Spotify or Apple Music. But there’s way more to music than just streaming services – there’s apps for creating music, finding lyrics to music, linking up with people who are into the same music as you, and most importantly (in my opinion) live music. So we’ve done some digging, and here are the five best apps to help you find the gig of your dreams, and land tickets to it too.

#1 Whatslively

Whatslively basically knows when pretty much every concert is happening, and alerts you to all your fave performances in time for you to actually get tickets. Because we know how much it sucks when you only find out about a concert after it’s sold out.

Now, I know you’re thinking “but Spotify already does this” – except it doesn’t. Spotify shows you concerts from artists you follow within the app. Whatslively scans all your music playlists and actually alerts you via push notifications or email when a concert from any artist you listen to gets announced, before tickets go on sale so you don’t miss out.

That’s why Whatslively is so damn handy. It goes beyond Spotify too, connecting with Apple Music, Google Music and Soundcloud. And, on top of that, it tells you what gigs are happening now/tonight/this weekend regardless of what you listen to, so you’ll never have a dull night.

Download: Apple or Android

#2 Tixel

Everyone knows someone who’s been scammed with ridiculous ticket resale prices, if you haven’t been yourself. It’s getting increasingly harder to deal with re-sell as everyone ramps up the prices to crazy levels.

This is where Tixel comes in; with a 10% cap on re-sell prices, it’s your best bet at getting tickets to sold out gigs without having to sacrifice your first born too. Plus, all users are verified and fake tickets are weeded out, so all the hard work is already done for you. It’s recommended by heaps of artists to fans, so you know this one’s good.

Check out their website

#3 Resident Advisor Guide

The RA Guide is all about getting you on the dance floor, with recommendations of DJs and clubs in your area, tailored to your taste. There’s actually a lot on the app, with access to clubs and festivals basically anywhere (it’s global), access to buying and displaying tickets from the app, and maps and Uber integrated in as well so you can actually get to the party.

Basically, its your one-stop-shop for parties, club events and 4am-ers.

Download: Apple or Android

#4 GiggedIn

Now, this is some VIP shit. GiggedIn basically give you guest-list access to heaps of gigs, from big to small (think the likes of FOMO, right down to Vera Blue). You pay a monthly subscription like you would with Spotify or Netflix, and in return you get heaps of exclusive access to all kinds of gigs over all kinds of genres.

It’s all about access to music, and it’s a proper vibe if you’re the kind who’s happy to go to most gigs because you just freaking love music.

Download: Apple or Android

#5 Tix

Not to be confused with the almost identical Tixel above, Tix operates in a not too-dissimilar fashion – with the overall aim of making live music more affordable. Which is a total vibe for me, and you – if you’re ridiculously poor too. They basically offer members tickets at hugely discounted rates, almost always cheaper than regular retail prices and such. The catch being they’re normally last minute sales, or when venues are trying to sell out a venue and just want to cash in.

For a sneaky bonus, they also offer this across various sets of live events including theatre, musicals and other fancier entertainment – if you’re feeling a bit boujee.

Download: Apple or Android

Do you live and breathe live music? Well our mates at Whatslively are your #1 go-to for everything gig, festival and tour-related. Their app plugs in to your saved music and lets you know when an artist you vibe is playing a gig near you. I mean it’d be rude not too. Download the app from the App Store and Google Play today.

Image Sources: Georgia Moloney & Whatslively.

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