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5 Bangin’ Xmas Gifts For The Festival Lover Friend

Put the fest in festive season.

Summertime has finally arrived, meaning that as we head into December, we’re also heading into Chrissy. And if you combine these two simple facts together, what do you get? The season of festivals, aka the time to yee-haw, and buy gifts too. So why not smash two goals at once? Here’s our festival Xmas gifts guide so you can groovy and festive at the same time.

#1 Beats Pill+

Hear me out like your favourite song.

If you’re like me, you’re either following festival playlists or have made your own to ensure lit, pre-party vibes. What better gift than a good quality speaker that will last you years and years of festivals. Well, Beats have got you covered for festival Xmas gifts.

The Pill+ is probably one of the hottest speakers out there – not only is it a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker that you can take anywhere, the Pill is a mega power move in the world of battery life. We’re talking a 12-hour battery life, which is MORE than enough for some pre-festival tunes. You just can’t BEAT that.

#2 Online Shopping Gift Cards

What is a festival without an iconic, flashy outfit? Festivals are the one time where you can dress like a bedazzled unicorn, banana or superman without anyone judging you.

Why not use this opportunity to allow your friend to become the fashion icon they were born to be by surprising them with an online shopping gift card?

To help you get an idea of which shops exactly, here are some of our fave brands that include endless options for any festival lover. We’re talking Cotton On, Nasty Gal, ShowPo, The Iconic and ASOS, all perfect options for that perfect insta-worthy fezzy pic.

#3 Alcohol

Yes, yes, yes and YES!

Alcohol is not cheap ladies and gents, we know this, and now that we’ve matured into adults (sort of), there’s nothing better than receiving a bottle of vodka, tequila, or just any expensive bottle under your Christmas tree.

And if you want to be a true MVP in your rave group, why not surprise your mate with a special festival Xmas gift delivery. Thanks to Jimmy Brings, your next pre-party can be stocked up on cold drinks, and all delivered under 30 minutes! Talk about fast, easy and groovy. It’s the perfect last-minute gift if you didn’t plan anything for your mate.

#4 Actual Festival Tickets

I know I said you’re the real MVP if you buy your friends drinks, but scratch that for a second and consider this as a BANGIN’ Xmas gift.

Sure it’s huge, but if you think about it, it’s the most splendid gift for any Splendour, Field day, FOMO, Laneway, Spilt milk & Groovin lover. It’s a lot of coin, but it will definitely show your mate that you know them 100% and they’ll love you eternally for it. Plus, think of the friendship clout.

(Also 100% would be the best Xmas gift in the existence of gifts, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt).

#5 A Proper Portable Charger

Realistic, crucial, powerful, strong, and simply a festival staple.

How many times have you found yourself at a festival with your phone on low battery, because not only have you used your data for socials, your camera for piccies & vids, and just everything else on your phone that you immensely need for the time being?

All. The. Goddamn. Time.

A proper go to would be the Belkin Pocket Power 5K Power Bank Portable Charger. 

This bad boy is not only slim and lightweight, but it’s also super easy to charge up anywhere – so your 3 hours of snaps and vids are good to go.

The perfect portable charger, and definitely better than whatever you bought on eBay for $2.

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