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The 5 Best Cities To Be Single In Around The World

Sure, Paris is beautiful. But is it the best place to go on your lonesome? Probs not. Travelling alone is without a doubt a little daunting. Without the security blanket of a familiar face or the cure to social anxiety, feelings of isolation can all but overcome you. Going as a single person, you want somewhere with lots of hustle and a whole lotta atmosphere. The self-described ‘City of Love’ probably isn’t your safest best. These are the 5 best cities to roam alone, without getting lonely of course.

#1 New York

The city that never sleeps and single wanderers are a match made in heaven. Who needs love when you have a new alleyway to wander, a divine pizza place to eat by the slice or bar stacked upon bar for you to venture. Certainly not you. New York is famous for having something happening on every street, so there’s no time to be bored.

#2 Melbourne

Of course one Australian city has to make the list. Melbourne turns the easygoing, accepting nature dial right on up. Melbournites are an eclectic bunch, so no matter what tickles your fancy, you’re likely to find a like-minded bunch who enjoy it just as much. Aussie’s rank incredibly high on the Tinder usage scale too, with the app’s founder recently admitting they test out all new features in the land of Oz first before taking it to market abroad. You’ll fit right in! (As long as you have plenty of black in your wardrobe.)

#3 Tokyo

Japan is the most amazing wash of old and new: technologically advanced beyond belief, while still scattered with temples and historic sites. While you may think the land of cherry blossoms is for romancers only, there’s more than meets the eye. Solo travellers can hit up the busy Golden Gai, a precinct tucked behind the throttle of karaoke institutions in Shinjuku. It’ll feel like it’s crafted just for you. More than 270 tiny establishments varying from bites to delightful pours are squeezed into one block, perfect for adventures sans accomplices. Pull up a chair and get chatting to your stool mate. An absolute single’s paradise: solo ramen or sake with no shame.

#4 Madrid

The Spanish capital is not only a fantastic city to explore, but also an affordable option for the single who likes to party. You don’t even have to venture to the throng of nightclubs, which don’t open til real late. You’ll likely encounter a street party or two on your nighttime wanders. The tapas culture too makes an evening out unashamedly enjoyable, without the worry of sitting by yourself. . It’s one of the greenest cities in the globe too, meaning your morning jog through the streets will prove to be a decent meeting spot. The locals are a passionately chatty bunch, so there’s no shortage of potential connections.

#5 London

Londoners are the most frequent users of Tinder around the globe; and it that doesn’t speak to a thriving single culture then I don’t know what does. The sprawling UK capital is all cosy pubs and unique bars, perfect for chatting up the person next to you. The place is swimming with Aussie expats, but if you look in the right places, you could bag yourself a Brit. Locals can be frostier than the weather, so ease yourself into social settings. Even without trying to make a connection, there’s always plenty to do in England’s capital.

Image source: Meanwhile in Awesome Town, Andrea Clure, A Pair And A Spare, Travel and Leisure, Little Grey Box, Travel Bug Sister, London Blogger. 

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