5 Funniest Football Adverts of All Time

For every Bend it Like Beckham moment or roaring football chant seeping out of beer stained pub walls, there is an equally mesmerising commercial. Sport stars are no longer their fancy footwork or their skill alone but a brand. Sure you’ve seen the Nike ads, the tournament features that wake an inner desire to kick that ball all day long.

These are a much cheekier offering, showing these varnished football empires have a little humour about their mammoth enterprise. Well a little personality at least. Before Griezmann’s celebration was immortalised in the Puma ad, there were many an advert worth a laugh or two. Here’s the very best footballer adverts sure to make you cackle.


Celebration turned wingman, you won’t know until the very end what this ad is for. Puma take the creativity of the Frenchman and commercialised it wonderfully. Hilarious.


More a viral video than a commercial, but you best believe the headphone company sponsoring it made it’s money back ten fold. From handy homeless bum in the street looking for  a passing partner, to classic Ronaldo blinding supporters with his stardom. The look of enlightenment on the kids face is next level though.


As much as we’d like to include all of Neymar’s ads in this list, there’s just too many. When he isn’t spruiking Big Mac’s the Brazilian hero is dancing about sans pants. It’s a foreign ad so the language barrier may make a little more sense of it all, but from our perspective it’s any excuse for Neymar to get his kit off.


There’s something about the German language that makes this funny take on breakfast spread that little bit intimidating. Or perhaps it’s Ozil’s glaring eyes on the prize, the chocolatey prize. Plenty of cliches in this dynamic standoff between champion and lunch lady.


Another recent example of the football enterprise, announcing Pogba’s return to United. What’s a dab or two between friends, especially when that friend is Stormzy.

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