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5 Best Insta-Worthy Vivid 2017 Spots

Vivid you magnificent bastard, again gracing us with all your pretty lights to make us go out in winter. And although the crowds almost get more unbearable every year, you know you’ll be there at some point. And more so, if you don’t have a photo on Insta or a few story additions on Snap, did you even really go?

But with more installations than ever before, and only so much time after work to spend galavanting through the CBD – how do you make sure you visit the best spots worthy of a view? Got chu.

(Ps. Be sure to use Page 2 on this map so you know exactly where each spot is, we’ve even included the number for you because who has time to look up the exacts anyways?)

#1 Freedom Of Movement (F1)

Let’s be honest there is probably a good chance you’ve already seen this little bad boy doing the rounds in your Insta Story feed already – and for good reason. It’s basically five huge swings, created by Ford and is all about moving freely, drawing inspo from Henry Ford’s dream to change the way the world moves. Apart from the dazzling light show that takes places every 20 minutes or so, you can actually also jump on and ride it! And if you’re game enough, you can get some serious height. With the Harbour Bridge in the background, it’s an easy choice.

#2 Chromesthesia (12)

You may have heard a bit about the neurological condition called Chromesthesia recently, which causes those affected to involuntarily correlate sounds with certain colours and shades. It’s been in the media a bit, and this install is all about trying to let you experience it. It’s basically a shipping container mirrored by two huge, changing light panels, playing different staggered music – it’s a serious little trip so give yourself a few minutes in there and don’t just walk through in ten seconds like the majority. Perfect for some shadowy brilliance and a quality Boomerang on Insta.

#3 Parallax (11)

Inspired by caves and ice, this setup is bound to be a huge Vivid hit in 2017 so get there first before all your mates snap it and you look like a copycat. The lights frequently, yet subtly change between strong intense white light and a more timid white / grey. It relies upon basic optical distortion technology – resembling a parallax effect – and dropping from the ceiling makes it super stand out. With so many creative angles on offer, you’ll be mesmerised.

#4 Fractal (7)

A small yet super intriguing install this one. With a mirrored-glass like skin, the piece is fitted with lights on the inside, creating a mind-f**king moment. The lights create an infinity-mirror-esque effect, with a tonne of different angles. Constantly changing at different paces, the install is apparently meant to represent Sydney – oh the irony. But perfect for your inner photographer with the endless infinity effects.

#5 Axiom (A1)

These Vivid archways are all about animation and sound. Driven by some heavy bass and beats (seriously can hear this a mile away), the archways change and animate based on the exact parts of the music. It’s pretty wicked and I found it super tough to look away, it’s almost like you’re possessed. The animations are subtle and the music jarring, but just try to stop watching.

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