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5 Best Reality TV Moments of 2016

As much as we like to make fun at the lack of reality on these reality TV shows, they still manage to captivate us. We’re glue to the shows, albeit on devices rather than TV’s. To a lesser extent, but a revival of the water cooler chatter that saw Home and Away episodes capitulated to national conversation. Relive the very best reality TV moments of 2016 in all their shameless glory.

#1 When Richie Chose Alex – The Bachelor

Perhaps the greatest injustice of Bachelor history, coming close into Sam Frost and Blake’s rocky road to love. When Richie chose the character that had been illustrated as crazy clinger over sweetheart Nicki, the whole nation groaned. Was love dead? Was Richie blind? Or were the producers just all too clever in manipulating our emotions? All of the above.

#2 When Flick Ousted Brooke – Survivor

Bitches being bitches. If any show demonstrates someones true nature it’s Survivor. The toppling of Queen Bee Brooke, lacked the catfight that producers would’ve so warmly received but shocked us nonetheless. In a season where anyone who actually played the game, the most overused term ever, was swiftly kicked out. It was nice to see someone fighting for once rather than resting on their alliances. Even if it meant our fave Brooke went home and Flick gloated for the remainder of the season.

#3 When Kim Kardashian Took Down T-Swift – Keeping Up With The Kardashians

A little international drama never hurt nobody, and if this Swift takedown was a sign of Kimmy K’s fierce protective nature – do not cross the Kardashian behemoth. Calling out Swift’s victim playing ways and artful PR machine, Kim K released the audio of Kanye asking Swift’s permission just as he’d said he’d done. Absolute mayhem ensued but it made for epic TV.

#4 When Megan Walked Out – The Bachelor

For everything Richie lacked in personality, this season of The Bachelor made up for in plot twists. First we had the gift that was Kiera, the teeth lacking crazy woman and next Megan. From the first episode she won the audience over with her free spirited personality and killer looks. Only for half way through the season for Meagan to walk out, then late announce a relationship with a fellow female contestant. The producers couldn’t have orchestrated a better character arch in their wildest dreams. Oh and Tiff and Meagan make a damn fine couple so there’s that too.

#5 When Casual Racism Got A Platform – First Contact

SBS’ series First Contact bringing a bunch of white people typical Australians to confronting situations and challenging their views. It makes for addictive viewing but it also normalises casual racism and a kind of poverty porn that we’re seeing more and more. Hello Struggle Street. Perhaps we could instead watch a program where Indigenous people come and inspect white Australians’ houses, that’s a premise worth it’s weight in comedic gold.

Image source: OK! Magazine. 

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