5 Bondi Hipsters Vids That Speak The Truth

The hipster duo hailing from Sydney’s eastern suburb have become iconic. Flouting their conflictingly healthy lifestyles and their coke habits through skits, their DJ work and even a TV show. We know the Bondi Hipsters as Dom and Adrian, eco-conscious, fahshion loving, vintage wearing, speaking with a drawl all too familiar. That’s what makes the Van Vuuren Brother’s work so excellent, it feels like the douche at your coffee shop, your friend’s ex or an obnoxious stranger you see in the street.

Their latest work toppling the failed coworking space made for men only, is a testosterone filled take down. So relieve their finest douchery and most immaculate of thoughts, here’s the top 5 Bondi Hipster’s visuals.

#1 Brotopia

After a men only coworking space used an image of the Bondi Hipsters, without irony, to promote their space, the boys did not take it lightly. Tearing the privileged idiocy to shreds in a Facebook post, and now this vid. If you’re wondering what an all male coworking space might look like, this is a fair indication. Easy to punch gyprock, sword fights of all kinds and no emotional women in sight. Topical and hilarious, just how we like it.

#2 Activewear

An ode to the leisure lifestyle, where leggings have become acceptable pants. A comfort craze that has unleashed Lorna Jane outfits into supermarkets, cafes, cinemas and everywhere in between. That’s no to see we’re not guilty, but it’s incredibly funny when they line up all the non active occasions of wear. Catchy little truth bomb that speaks to our #fitspo society.

#3 Free Wifi 

If you haven’t experience the tenuous exchange between cafe and patron in the battle for free wifi, then perhaps you haven’t gone over your data. The Bondi Hipsters trademarked obliviousness is on full display as they rant freely about the cost of “free” wifi. Can you believe they want you to buy a coffee while you use it? Fair point Dom.

#4 The Life Organic 

Health, wellbeing, fitness, cleansed, detoxed, yogi, chakra, fitspo. Gone are the days where wild late night antics, gorging yourself on junk food as if in an eating competition or boasting your inactivity, are a source of pride. The advent of that little square photo sharing app has brought about an era of hash tagged health. Who better to school us on living our best, most alkaline life? The organic wisdom of Bondi Hipsters is at your service.

#5 Fuck the Banks

From their hit show Soulmates, Dom’s failure to get a loan from Daddy turns into an ode. Within the show it’s pure tantrum material, but outside that context it’s a rallying call to f*ck the financial institutions. CBD workers, piccolo sippers, degree holders all get a mention, but the real angst is aimed at banks stifling their creativity passion. You know sticking it to the man and all in typical Bondi Hipsters style.

Image source: The Brag, Junkee.

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