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5 Brisbane Bands That Demand A Listen

Capital of the sunshine state, Brisbane has a lot more to offer than bronzed bodies. Home to Big Sound and a thriving smorgasbord of local artists, the music scene is blowing up. Whether your an indie-rocker through and through or you’re open to futuristic dance music, there’s something for everyone. Here’s 5 Bands that have earned a spot on your playlist. Ps. You can see them live around town too, so get in before they get big.

#1 Good Boy at The Foundry, Brisbane 22/10

A familiar voice sings in an Aussie tone speaking to the heart of everyday life as a young Australian. From cash strapped mi goreng meals, paying bills on times and escaping the 9-5, this Brissy band voice what’s on our mind with finesse. The melodies are infectious, the constant strumming very welcome and the lyrics right on the money. It feels a like early The Wombats with a splash of North East Party House. Just local blokes having a bloody good time, their live show is just as authentic.

#2 Bugs at The Brightside, Brisbane 4/11

Bugs are a band that deliver delightful earworms track after track. There’s so much going on in each song, but fret not, you won’t be overwhelmed. Instead dive into the catchy melodies, toe-tapping rhythms and a mash of sounds, make each jam ring so much louder than a duo alone. Their songs radiate that sunny feeling so pop them on high rotation over summer. Catch them jamming and jiving live at The Brightside in early November.

#3 100% at The Tote, Melbourne 27/10

When Dave Ruby Howe says “I feel I’ve wandered into an absinthe bar that I’m not cool enough to be allowed entry to.” you know the sound is going to blow your god damn mind. 100% nail the sci-fi futuristic dance genre we didn’t know we needed. Get on board their other-worldly sound because this all female trio is about to lift right off. It isn’t just pushing buttons or empty computer sounds, 100% take the choral vocals, eery layers of sound to take you on a journey. Campaign to see their sounds as the soundtrack to Stranger Things S2, yes please. Spacey without being even a little kitsch.

#4 Astro Travellers at The Brightside, Brisbane 4/11 + The Zoo, 18/11

Rhymes upon rhymes and impeccable rhythm combine for a hip hop and roots outfit with soul. It feels like you’ve stepped into a rap battle so laid-back the spitting flies free. A collective so large boasts an impressive presence on stage, a party that spills into the crowd in no time. Aussie hip-hop is having a real moment right now, but Astro Travellers manage to look beyond this land down under and create tracks that will resonate world wide. Chiller and dance floor ready all at once.

#5 Big Dead at The Brightside, Brisbane 4/11

A dreamy take on rock music that marries an alternative sound with lush vocals. Big Dead show impeccable restraint in their tracks, showcasing a wealth of sounds and a load of talent without overloading the listener. Riddled with experimental tropes, a little transition sound here, a jazzy manoeuvre there or the flitter of a flute. It’s unexpected but never out of place. Slow jams that won’t put you to sleep, but will ease your soul.

Image source: Triple J Unearthed.

Written by Emily-Jean McDonagh

Emily is an avid reader, obsessed traveller, always overdressed, chronically indecisive and nostalgic 20-something.

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