5 Brunch Spots in Brisbane To Savour

All day breakfast is the foundation of any good weekend routine. Roll out of bed much later than usual, stroll to coffee. Then perhaps a little later dive in to a meal so delicious it hits every social platform before you devour it. That’s a special bite right there. So whether you’re incredibly hungover or insatiably hungry these 5 brunch spots will satisfy your breakfast craving as the PM rolls round. Don’t set the alarm.

#1 Merriweather – South Brisbane

Seasonal menu, home grown produce and delightful staff. Merriweather is a real treat. Marrying a conscious attitude to food with a knack for delivering tasty little morsels every time. Perch yourself on one of the outside stools, while you dig in to the pork omelette loaded with ginger, caramel and kim chi. Merriweather won’t make you feel even the slightest pang of guilt, so eat up and enjoy brunch!

#2 Little Clive – Innerley

Sweet or savoury? Choose wisely at Little Clive, where the portions are not by any means little. The breakfast board offers a smorgasbord of brekky favourites bacon, eggs, the lot. But what makes it special is that lightly pan fried haloumi, drizzled with balsamic and the chunky sweet potato hash cake of brunch dreams. Yum. If you’re feeling a little sweeter the waffles come in serving sizes for the hungry and extra hungry, so you don’t waste a single bite.

#3 Piggy Back – Jindalee

Little sister to adored Paw Paw Cafe, Piggy Back is delicious in it’s own right. Sip on their famous rainbow coffee and really think about you’re going to order, breakfast extends to 3pm here so take your sweet time. Dive in to the pulled pork benedict, the hollandaise is so good you are excused from licking it right off the plate. Or for the health conscious the acai bowls are loaded with flavour, just practice saying a-sigh-e at home first.

#4 Locavore – Woolloongabba

They live by the mantra, local, ethical, sustainable but scrumptious is a worthy addition. Each breakfast is coloured with fresh and surprising additions, beetroot on your avo toast, pesto tossed through your scrambled eggs or figs with your waffles. Although if nutrition is out the window entirely,  try the golden gaytime waffles they’re better than the real thing. Seriously.

#5 King of Kings Yum Cha – Fortitude Valley

What is a brunch without yum cha? Endless amounts of food, never ending top ups and so much choice it’s ok to feel overwhelmed. King of Kings is known for their lethal dragon shots in the evening, but they’re just as good for the morning after. Steaming hot pork buns, dim sims drowning in chilli sauce, glassy prawn dumplings, whatever you fancy just keep it coming. Whether you’re dealing with a mild headache or killer hangover, not having to choose a single dish is the ultimate blessing.

Image source: Ameriaus, Urban List, Blackbook Brisbane, Two Hangry Hippos, Little Clive.

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