5 Bushfire GoFundMe Accounts You Can Donate More To Than ScoMo Has

Inner-city greenies UNITE. Cash ONLY. No thoughts and prayers accepted.

Amidst all this talk of thoughts and prayers, let’s do something that actually helps real lives. Clearly the government isn’t interested in helping out our communities and firefighters, so we’re taking matters out of their hands and into our own. Check out the GoFundMe links below so you can donate and help out a mate.

And hey – even if you only donate five dollars, that’s five dollars more than ScoMo!

#1 Devastated Koala Relief

Image: Help Thirsty Koalas Devastated by Recent Fires GoFundMe page.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital is raising money to help save koalas. 75% of the area burnt was prime koala habitat, with an estimated 350+ koalas perishing in the fire – that’s more than half the already endangered local population.

You can help out by donating to our furry Aussie babies  here, on the hospital’s GoFundMe.

#2 MidCoast Bushfire Relief

Image: MidCoast Bushfire Relief GoFundMe page.

The Lions Club is hosting this fundraiser to get support for families and firefighters in an area seriously devastated by fires. 100% of the money is going to either Fire and Rescue Services, families that are victims of the fires, or farmers that have lost their property and animals.

You can donate to this GoFundMe here.

#3 Wytaliba Community

Image: Wytaliba Community Bushfire Devastation GoFundMe page.

“…the primary school and 80% of our community homes were destroyed.  Many people have lost everything except the clothes on their back. The bridge to enter was destroyed as well.  The fire is still ravaging the area and the full extent of the damage is not yet known.”

Wytaliba is an area that was one of the worst affected by fires.

Donate here.

#4 Rainbow Flat and Hillville

Image Source: Community of Rainbow Flat & Surrounds Fire GoFundMe page.

This GoFundMe isn’t just for money – they’ll take any animal food, bedding or building materials too. Anything people can spare is helpful. Plus, if you’ve got an open home/room/bed nearby to offer shelter they’re asking for that too.

Donate or contact here.

#5 Bobin

Image Source: Bobin Fires – Please Help Emily and Simon GoFundMe page.

A family in Bobin has started a fundraiser to rebuild their property which was pretty much destroyed in its entirety.

Donate here.

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